Maker’s Gift Guide

Make magazine put out a gift guide. I’ve pulled some highlights and added a few items at the bottom. I will add more as I think about them.

I don not have an Amazon Associates account and just linked to these things because like or have and use the products.

High points.

Good Scissors:

Go Hero Camera:

Phantom drone:

Hakko Soldering Iron:

Rigol Oscilloscope:

Shark Pull Saw:

Knew Concepts Saw:

Incra Ruler:

Stan Winston School subscription:

Monster Clay:

Sculpey medium:

Sculpting tools:

Estwing hammer:

Folding hex wrenches:

Some from me:
Wilton bench vise:

Zona Saw:

Tom Lipton Metalworking Book:

Starrett Digital calipers:

Quick grip clamps:

Propmakers Molding And Casting:

Kant Twist Clamps:

Xuron Cutters:


Smoothon Casting Kit:

Prototyping and Modelmaking For Product Design:

Machinist’s Squares:


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