New Book, More Research.

In this post, a bunch of stuff about Monaco and the French Riviera, castles and some machine guns.

A wonderful picture blog of Monaco.

Stuff from “To catch a thief.”

Riviera pictures from La Cote d’Azur de Marseille a Menton’Azur%20de%20Marseille%20a%20Menton&imgt=0
More images.

More Monaco stuff.

1930 map.

Old book about Monaco.

Travel video of a trip to the Riviera.

Another travel film.

And more

1932 Monaco Grand Prix

More Monaco Grand Prix races.

Miniatur Wunderland visits Monaco.

The carnival at Nice.

Another Nice video.



Project Lightening 7 WW1 light machine guns.

The well dressed man of the 1930’s
Ladies too.

My 1930’s pinterest board.

Steam trains in New England.

Croydon airport.

A train ride through Provence.


blog posts.

The travel film archive.

French Catholic schools in the interwar years.

A brief history of the Third Republic.
The rest of the page.

My Pinterest board of 1920’s and 1930’s cars.

The lost amusement parks of NYC.
Clason Point in NYC.

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