More Good Stuff, Found On The Web

Here’s some more stuff I found while looking for this and that for the Mermaid thing. This time it’s a good blog for and introduction to firearms, a look at lunch from the NYPL, a ton of stuff on the Fulton Fish Market, some gangster related web pages and material on 1920’s and 1930’s kitchens and home stuff.

This blog has more than you ever wanted to know about firearms. Considering how much writers get wrong about guns, this is a useful reference.

NYC and lunch, from the NYPL.

Another NYC Tumblr.
More pics from Museum of The City Of NY.

Pictures and pages about the Fulton fish market.
From Sea to Stall,+n.y.%29
fulton fish market 1936
fulton fish market 1936

New England fishermen.

A website about gangsters.

A movie location scout finds weird NYC.

1930 modern kitchen.
1930 State of the Art Kitchen

1928 Kitchen in American Home
1930 Crane Kitchen

Still more.

A website about old homes.

shipbuilding history website.

National hot dog council.

A great 1930’s movie.

The Big Con

How boxes were made 1920’s

Canarsie Historical society.
Brooklyn historical society.

Filthy New York.

Barren Island.

Abandoned and little known airfields.
With Floyd Bennet field and Barren island pictures.

1950’s pics of NYC.

Was there a civilization before humans?

Some NYC films.

And pictures.

Early trucking.

Farm life.

1920’s Newark NJ.

Another Army newsreel

Coney Island museum.
The Coney Island history site:
another one:

Historic New England
I think that’s enough for this one.
More, a lot more, here:

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