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This is more or less a newsletter for job seekers like myself.  I try to find good job search strategies, bad job search strategies, pure BS and job related articles every week.  So far I’ve never run short.  Please pass this around. I’m not doing this for any reason other than the desire to help and communicate with other job seekers.  If you have any good links or stories, especially stories please comment.  If you want the story private, just put that in the comment and I will trash it and  not let it post.

When I first started looking for work back in late 1980’s I used to go down to the library and go through all the Sunday papers from all over the country.  And consult the Thomas Register for potential targets.  You can use the internet for that now.  Going beyond the job sites, look at online professional societies, their groups on linked in, and industry sites.  Also take advantage of opportunities that you might just run into.  Most importantly reach out and expand your network.

Liz again. A job ad should be written with as much attention to detail as a product brochure. And companies should take as much time with marketing for new employees as they do for a product.  After all the people you hire are the future of the company.  Somehow all too many companies fail to understand that.

Liz again. Another take on “Why should we hire you?”

MY take on this: With so many candidates maybe you SHOULD go with somebody else.  You guys called me in.  Presumably you saw something that you needed.  Now I’ve only been here a short time and I can’t tell what you need from what I’ve heard up to now, so why don’t you tell me what the problem and I’ll tell you how I can help.

Am I good networker. No.  I will try harder.

The psychology of the interviewer.  You haven’t lived until you have a true crazy across the desk.  Fortunately I didn’t know that and I wasn’t the target.

Couldn’t they spend time actually doing their jobs. New Csuite titles.  There’s only one title that matters. Signing responsibility.

The rest is just a clown show.

It’s still ugly here in Real World.

You create good people by treating them by and large as good people.  There is no such thing as the perfect fit.

It’s easy to reject, much harder to accept that nobody’s perfect.

Every rejection has a rejectee.  If you treat them like a customer that shouldn’t be a problem.  If you treat them like somebody you never want to do business with you may never do business with them.

What happens if you have a career load of “wrong Jobs.”

How did things become so ugly?  I think it became easier as growth slowed due to red tape.  Then there’s the liability issue and the fear of saying the wrong thing and being sued for it.  In the end the people on the other side of the table ceased to care.

More questions you should ask at an interview.

Frankly you should read the situation and develop your questions as it goes.  every interview is different.  Try to think of positive stuff though.

More interview stuff.

I think he’s right about stories.   If you can get stories going you can create a conversation.

Three things Candidates wish they could tell HR.

It comes down to stop screwing everything up.

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