Job Stuff 44

This is more or less a newsletter for job seekers like myself.  I try to find good job search strategies, bad job search strategies, pure BS and job related articles every week.  So far I’ve never run short.  Please pass this around. I’m not doing this for any reason other than the desire to help and communicate with other job seekers.  If you have any good links or stories, especially stories please comment.  If you want the story private, just put that in the comment and I will trash it and  not let it post.

Experienced entry level job

Experienced Entry Level IT Technician
DePasquale Companies 4.02 reviewsFair Lawn, NJ

Job Functions will include but not be limited to the following:

  • Desktop PC maintenance – including hardware and applications
  • Peripheral maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Basic network troubleshooting
  • Basic Server maintenance
  • Maintain and update corporate intranet site
  • Basic Firewall, Spam Filter, Router and AP Maintenance

Job Posted : 3 days ago

Position requires an individual who has strong communication and organizational skills. This position will give the individual exposure to many different aspects of IT in a growing business. Strong work ethic and the ability to handle multiple tasks and projects is critical. This position offers the opportunity to grow professionally within the IT field and offers broad exposure to all the workings of IT in a growing company. Must live within 25 miles of Fair Lawn NJ and have reliable transportation as you may have to visit our sites in Morris Plains, NJ.

To be considered for interview resumes must include salary expectations and applicant must have 1-3 years of experience in IT department.

Do they want Nobel prizes too.  Asking for experience in an entry level position is sort of missing the point.

If only recruiters and HR people would walk a mile in job seekers’ shoes.

But I was  gobsmacked.  There it was in black and white the expressed  attitude of many.   An Internal HR/Recruiter of a well known   organisation posted the following in a list of  their advice tips :

Don’t call to check if we received your application. A good recruiter will get back to you even with an auto message. It’s an email, of course we received it.

We often don’t have the resources to provide one on one personal “let me drop everything to check my inbox for your application while you’re on the phone with me” contact with every applicant. And it won’t improve the applicant’s chances of getting the job, it will just add strain to the recruiter.

WOW –the arrogancy rendered me speechless.  I could of course respond to the actual content about follow-up emails, calls, time constraints, internal resources,  ATS systems etc,  but it is not the point of this article and is moot.  These comments indicate the tip of  iceberg of what are the undercurrent attitudes held by many recruiters and HR people. These tips were not just an expression of frustration about workload and organisational resource issues (which do affect many organisations for sure) but an intrinsic belief that   “candidates are lowly job seekers who will toe the line when and how we deem appropriate”.  A master – slave orientation!

Well this is relevant.

It seems that this attitude is more and more the norm.

Do they take this attitude with their vendors? With their customers?

how to tell applicants “don’t call us, we’ll call you”

Should you work at a “survival job” while starting your career?

Honestly, even though they may not have paid very much some of my  “survival jobs” that most people would think of as dead end were actually fairly enriching and helped my growth.  For instance, working in a hardware store taught me al ot about thinking on my feet and using my knowledge to help people.

A top HR software types admits that they have failed.

Wants to sell the NEXT generation of software, of course.  To be misused like the last one? My issues haven’t been with job boards, but how HR types misuse the systems and let the systems do their thinking and judgment for them.  The results are as we’ve seen. Millions of job seekers who can’t understand why nobody ever gets back to them unless a miracle happens and millions of jobs that somehow never get filled for months or even years.

I don’t think that I’ve ever had an interview THIS bad.

Four places you are broadcasting your age.

I shouldn’t matter, but it does.

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  1. Keith Glass · July 11, 2016

    Can’t see what is up on the Forbes link, simply because I refuse to drop my ad-blocker, and they refuse to deliver content unless it is ad-laden, despite their history of serving up malware with the ads.

    But I recall an interview, where the interviewer got told to pick up the phone during the interview, and she just lost it, entirely. The doctor was calling from the hospital, her husband had died, totally unexpectedly (he was apparently in for an appendectomy. Got through operation fine. . . .rolling out of recovery, went into convulsions and died. . . )

    That was, by far, my worst interview experience. . .


  2. CeliaHayes · July 11, 2016

    Oh, Keith – that must have been awful.

    I think the one job listing that really, really pissed me off was one I considered answering when I was looking around for admin assistant positions. (What used to be called an executive secretary.) It was for an assistant to the head of department at a local university: they wanted the whole raft of office skills, had an enormous list of the duties expected of this person, which included everything BUT actually teaching a class, and possibly making homemade jam for department tea parties … and the final listing? $12 an hour. Did have some benefits, of course. San Antonio is a low wage town anyway, but $12 an hour was an insult for what they wanted performed. No wonder the listing had gone for months without being filled.


  3. wheels · July 11, 2016

    At least they changed the laws some years ago so that it’s no longer legal to include language in the job requirements such as, “… and 9 months in the job offered.” I used to see that a lot.


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