Job Stuff 42

This is more or less a newsletter for job seekers like myself.  I try to find good job search strategies, bad job search strategies, pure BS and job related articles every week.  So far I’ve never run short.  Please pass this around. I’m not doing this for any reason other than the desire to help and communicate with other job seekers.  If you have any good links or stories, especially stories please comment.  If you want the story private, just put that in the comment and I will trash it and  not let it post.Th

This is how easy it is to be a bad recruiter.

Yet somehow job seekers take the hit for mistakes?

Yet another piece on ATS systems.

I’ve been rereading Demming’s book on quality. ATS systems fail at all levels.  It’s a rare thing that manages to produce no satisfaction for anybody using it.  The only thing that keeps companies using this software is fear.

Time to end H1B abuse?


Actually the H1B abuse is a symptom of the deeper problems confronting all of.  The real problem is the lack of new job creation.

I’m not surprised that 65% of people want a real person in charge rather than an empty title.

Actually I’m surprised that the number is that low.

Open source coming to HR?

Does HR need more buzzwords and BS?

Should companies not be allowed to ask for education credentials?

The college degree has been more or less a check off box for some time.  I’ve almost never been asked very much about any work I did during college.  Actually experience, aptitiude and attitude are what matter.

Being the misunderstood genius may not end well.

How to be the Misunderstood Genius at Your Boring Corporate Job

It may involve you in politics in ways that you won’t want to be.


Great post on recruiters.

Job Seeker Cheat Sheet:

  • They must work directly with the hiring manager(s) or key decision makers.
  • They should be able to tell you about the hiring manager’s personality and background.
  • They must know the salary requirements.
  • They must know the interview process so that you know what to expect going forward.
  • They must know the tangible and intangible qualities that their client is looking for in their ideal candidate.
  • They must know why the role is open (is it newly created? Was someone let go? If yes, why?)
  • They must know how big the team is that you will be working with.
  • They must be able to articulate the company culture.
  • If it’s a contract job, they must know the duration of the job, and whether or not there is any possibility of it being turned into a full-time role.
  • If it’s a full-time role, they should be able to tell you about the growth potential and what’s required for a promotion.
  • They must be able to provide you with the full benefits package (if any are offered).
  • Bonus potential and criteria to hit bonus.
  • How long will the entire interview process will take?
  • How many additional candidates are currently in play? How many candidates has the employer passed on, and why?
  • Where is the location? Will there be any travel required?
  • Is there an opportunity to work remotely?

Career advice from a seasoned engineer.

A rushed job usually turns out to be a bad job.


This CEO has strict rules for firing people.

They key rule should be asking themselves if it’s really what the best thing to do.

No job is forever and no one is untouchable.

Liz again: What do you do when the interviewer doesn’t understand the job?  It’s a very touchy and not very satisfying situation.

Don’t be a ten second victim.

The Interview – Don’t Become a 10 Second Victim

On the other hand don’t sweat the small stuff either.  Sometimes yo just can’t do as much prep as you like and you just can’t help getting there on time no matter what you do.


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