Job Stuff 26

This is more or less a newsletter for job seekers like myself.  I try to find good job search strategies, bad job search strategies, pure BS and job related articles every week.  So far I’ve never run short.  Please pass this around. I’m not doing this for any reason other than the desire to help and communicate with other job seekers.  If you have any good links or stories, especially stories please comment.  If you want the story private, just put that in the comment and I will trash it and  not let it post.

What should you put or not put on your resume.

That’s a huge problem.

How older workers help small businesses.

I can’t tell you how much impact that I’ve seen older workers have in small businesses over the years. All of those people I’ve known over the years, many of whom are gone who made true contributions to getting the job done and even greater contributions to making the workplace a better place and keeping the panic and chaos sane.

Asking to about somebody’s weaknesses in a job interview only shows your own weaknesses.

The best way to answer the “five year” question?

Don’t use my answer.

Frankly if they ask too many of the questions on the cheat sheet, look for the exit.  The company is dysfunctional.

David Hunt’s  latest job listings for New England.

Is your job description good enough?

The problem is that you will never know who doesn’t apply.  And all it takes is getting flushed once by an ATS system and you and just about everybody else will never see the good candidates. That’s the problem with automating things like recruiting. It isn’t what you see, but the unseen that’s hurting you.

Five ways reshoring makes sense.

Now it the government would just make the climate friendlier.

How to survive the all day interview?

consider it a prelude to hell.  Also consider that it represents weakness on the part of the employer and lack of confidence in your potential hiring manager’s ability to make a decision.  At least on the first interview.  On the second interview it’s a different story.

Take steps to protect your personal brand.

I don’t like it very much, but in this increasingly ever more PC World you need to take steps to protect yourself.

It pays to do a little to prepare.

You don’t get a second chance at a first impression.

An infographic for how you should look at an interview.

Some comments:

“Perhaps it’s time for recruiters to up their education and learn what average people are about. Not everyone is comfortable with eye contact. In fact some cultures view this a rude and aggressive. A person can learn this and fake their way through or a RPR can up their skills and hire the real gem!”

“Looks like instead of looking for a professional engineer, translator, manager or IT specialist, HR managers look for a professional job seekers…..sad…..”

“In the interview there is always the need to balance authenticity with making a good first impression. Employers ask them themselves three things about the candidate: Are they qualified? Are they motivated, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable? Will they fit in? (read that one as “Can we stand while you are doing the job?”). Intellectual property and services and being developed and provided by teams of fewer people generating larger revenues. Often it is the person who fits best with the team that gets the offer and not necessarily the one who has the most experience or outstanding qualifications. These interviewing tips help to make that good first impression.”

“This is similar to real estate agents who write articles advising that one repaint their house in neutral colors when trying to sell it. The hope is that by blending in with the societal mid-point, you do not stand out in a non-positive way. The interviewer “should” be able to focus on your answers to questions, and not the neon orange tie that you are wearing.”

“good point, Joe…of course I wear a neon tie….with my dark suit/white shirt…do I really want the interviewer to think that a graphic designer is afraid of a bit of color and personality?”

“”33% claimed to know whether or not they would hire someone within 90 seconds”. And still we claim to live in a meritocratic society. Shame on us…”

“This says to me the interviewer is the real problem, I wouldn’t care if they had shorts and t-shirt on as long as they weren’t customer facing and could do the job better than anybody lese. Steve Jobs wore trainers, didn’t cut his hair and very rarely look other people in the eye, would you have hire him or not given him the time of day? – YAWN”


The worst things bosses do to their employees.

I had most of these. And others.  Some of which came from HR and not my boss.

Why good employees leave.

If your staff is deserting the ship, the problem is you.

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  1. penneyvanderbilt · March 7, 2016

    That’s Life!


  2. penneyvanderbilt · March 7, 2016

    Reblogged this on Ancien Hippie.


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  4. JC · March 7, 2016

    Fuck Human Resources. Seriously. Look at the openings for HR positions (they’ll say “degreed Human Resources Professionals, with an uncalled-for capital P), and then look at the colleges offering degrees in Human Resources. QED.


  5. elmertjones · March 7, 2016

    The work-around is to avoid interviews by selling your skills in the labor market. The traditional interview paradigm fails because you are put on the spot to talk about yourself instead of selling what you do. I provide a method for contacting influential men in your industry directly and selling your marketable skills towards getting work. You can download a 60 page sample that outlines the method here :

    If you like it let me know and I will make a full copy available for free. By “you” I mean anyone reading this.


    • jccarlton · March 7, 2016

      Elmer, I went ahead and bought it on Amazon. Looks like good stuff. Very unPC, though.


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