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Keep trying, something will work out.

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ATS are crap.

Comment at the link:

I think the most important takeaway, Timothy, is that HR is the window into the brand, its services and internal culture. If the only interaction candidates have (who are also consumers and decision makers for that company’s services) with HR is negative at any point in the job seeking process, count us as forever-former prospects. Take it a step further, too; I became an ex-shareholder after a horrible HR experience with one banking firm two years ago and divested after the interview.

And another one:

you captured a lot of the frustration that inevitably leads to a poor company branding image in the mind of the candidate. May I add one more? Please stop asking for personal, sensitive information such as date of birth and social security numbers on applications. We all know that no system is hack-proof, and job seekers shouldn’t be required to present this information until you’re ready to make a conditional job offer and run a background check.

Still More:

Wow, so many ways to react to this fine post, Timothy. Probably my chief objection to ATSs is this: I put in a lot of effort working my resume to present me as an individual with some particular strengths and characteristics. But an ATS appears designed to strip out all that individuality and convert me from a nuanced portrait to a stick figure rendition.

A candidate-facing ATS is the wrong solution to a massively larger problem. The core Q: why are talent management “professionals” going to an open public market (i.e. everyone “on the street”) to fill a role that clearly requires a specific niche professional audience? Why is the hiring process even being allowed to fill itself with 95+% irrelevant applications to the true needs of the job and its sustainability

An Enterprise class ATS should facilitate the points you make, not cause them to be more work for the Recruiter. If the result is more work for the Recruiter, then it’s the wrong ATS. The objective of the ATS should be to attract the candidates to the organization, allow them to easily apply when, where and on whatever device they want and then ensure the pertinent data is surfaced for the Recruiter. By doing so, the ATS actually allows the organization to reduce time to fill and allows the Recruiter to spend more time doing what they love – interacting with the candidates. A better experience for both the candidate and the Recruiter?

Bouncing off of Liz’ comment above re: poor company branding image… here is another one to add to the frustration list. Stop expecting job applicants to be so willing to comply with statements (in a job posting or on an application) like, “Applications/Applicants that do not include previous/current salary information will not receive consideration.” This is personal financial information that I’m not giving to anyone. Liz Ryan posted a very good write-up this past weekend about this very thing. I’m never going to answer the previous salary question for two reasons: 1) the employer can use the information and determine that they cannot afford me and, therefore, screen me out… or 2) the employer could use the information to “low-ball” a salary offer (assuming it is lower than their budgeted salary range for a given position) to see if I would be willing to take it. In an interview, if a job applicant were to ask, “Can you tell me how much you were paying the last employee that held this position?”… are you (as a recruiter) going to provide that information to the candidate? Of course not. So why do companies and recruiters expect job applicants to provide their current/previous salary information when they apply for jobs? Food for thought.

Companies should ask themselves why they are paying for expensive systems that people have to work so hard to go around to get the job done and get hired.

HR depts. are crap, get used to it.

Why do hiring managers want purple squirrels? Two words. Risk aversion.

A post I did on IBM and it’s nonfuture and why that’s a bigger problem than just one company.

The problem with most companies here in the US is that they are fragile in a world that full of hammers.

Same question, same answer. the same answer that’s been around at least 30 years.

With this sort of thing I  have to wonder if these people understand that the reason for a job interview is to find out what the candidate can do in the job.  Asking stupid and playing psychoanalysis doesn’t accomplish that.

This question and answer are the same as on the cheat sheet I found a while back. From the 1980’s.  The answer to this question in a real world is pretty simple.  You assume that they will pay you a fair return for your time.  All this buttering  them up mush is only a waste of time and distraction from the task at hand.  Frankly how can anybody know how they would “fit” in a place they’ve barely walked through the door in, with people they don’t know and a scope of work that the hiring manager probably doesn’t even have a full handle on yet.

The worst job application mistakes?

  1. One candidate wrote up God as a reference (no phone)
  2. One candidate wrote that her hobby was aligatortitting.
  3. An applicant claimed that he was a direct descendant of the Vikings.
  4. A candidate’s e-mail containing the word “loves beer” (love beer)
  5. A candidate had written “Ages and Universe champion” under the field “Experience.”
  6. A candidate began the application with “Do you want a tiger?”
  7. A candidate focused specifically on to emphasize that he was not gypsy.
  8. A candidate let that premise to accept the position that he was having with his at work.
  9. One candidate wrote “In five years I have your job”
  10. An applicant sent a 24-page CV for a five-year career.
  11. A candidate included a photo of their cat with CV- one.
  12. An applicant sent a video in which he tried to hypnotize HR manager to hire him.

These people did not understand that HR has no sense of humor or imagination.

Who is anybody kidding anymore. Corporations want serfs, not real people anymore.

I think that the bureaucrats at the top of large corporations know that the more disruptive they make everybody’s lives the less that they will ask for things like raises of profit sharing.  They should remember though, the other half of the Socialist equation.  If they pretend to pay people, the people will only pretend to work.

It’s attitude and aptitude.

Skill are something  that people develop as they need them, not what they are.

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