The Great Dance, Chapter 94.

And that is the end of this book. The next one starts Monday.

Arlayna chooses a new Dance.

Chapter 94.

The Silverin Estate.

Arlayna noticed Filia watching as she practiced the Dance. She completed the patterns that comprised the Dance and said, “You have come to speak with me, milady?”
“Perhaps, if you are ready.”

“What about?”
“Where you came from.”
“You will send folk to hurt the place?”
“Not to hurt it. For that matter, you left the place a long time ago.”

“That is a consequence of being in stasis. We lose touch with those that we loved.”

“I hope that you did not have a True.”
“I do not. Otherwise I would have been withdrawn. That is the Deal.”

“Tell me more about the Deal.”
“I will tell you what I can. The Deal was made long ago and the Masters promised to protect us and work against the people that had taken so many of the family.”
“Similar to the way things were done at Bubil Kil. Were there Silverin other than those trained as Dancers?”
“I can’t say very much more than you already know.”
“The debt. So the Great Dance continues.”

“The Great Dance, milady?”
“It is a burden that the high family has carried since the Mage Wars, a commitment to work against the madness of some. You will learn more.”
“I am not the high family.”

“No, you are not. On the other hand, I need a protector and an able assistant and I think that you will do well as both.”

“I was an adversary. Why would you place that task on me?”
“There are reasons and since the Dance is being performed, I need a Dancer.”

“Just me?”

“There will be others. That young girl you Danced with, for instance.”

“I would like to finish the Dance with her.”

“So would she. It may take some time to arrange, as she is busy in the Republic and your masters are going to cause some chaos and disruption.”
“I will be your assistant, milady.” “I thought that you would. Let us begin.”

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