Blasted Lands Book list update.

Here’s another update. We are coming to end of this, the last book is getting there and the end is looking to be explosive.

Blasted Lands book list

1.Raiders from the sea

Raiders strike the Yllanan Estate amidst as sea of piracy and combating forces battle for control of the seas as the Republic unleashes the navy upon the Ravahthrya raiders and takes the infamous Paeris Zylvyre prisoner.

The Raiders From The Sea, A Steampunk Elven Fantasy | The Arts Mechanical (

2. Raider From the Sky

Strom’s mission to rescue Lady Gwen from the Ravathyra begins as the true shape of the dark’s plans begin to emerge. He is aided by the sailors of the airship Intrepid, flying over the Empire to discover the source of the evil that had punished the Republic and the missing Paeris

Raider From The Sky, Chapter 1-2 | The Arts Mechanical (

3. The Search For Paeris

The Marshalls search for the world’s most wanted criminal in an Empire on the brink of turmoil and conflict.

The Search For Paeris, Chapter 1-2 | The Arts Mechanical (

4. The Rise Of The Dark

The mystery of the Ravathyra is revealed and hidden family emerges, prepared to unleash the Blight yet again as the kidnapped girls escape and travel through the Blasted Lands.

The Rise Of The Dark, Chapter 1-2 | The Arts Mechanical (

5. The Blight Returns

The Master unleashes Blight on the empire and prepares to unleash further horrors.

The Blight Returns, Chapter 1-2. | The Arts Mechanical (

6. Paeris Truimphant.

Richard fights the Blight in the empire, struggling to keep the Empire alive as the Dark prepares to strike, The Dowager Empress plots and Paeris plays his fun and games.

Paeris Triumphant, Chapters 1-2 | The Arts Mechanical (

7. The Dark Mage’s Conquest

The Darkmage comes out of the shadows to play politics in the Cloud City, unleash armies from a hidden city in the fasteness in the north while preparing to  embroil the Blasted Lands in war  and fire with the Empire under compulsion and enslaved to his will.

The Darkmage Conquers, Chapter 1-2 | The Arts Mechanical (

8. The Republic Under Siege

The Darkmage releases his monsters and devises on the Republican Peninsula, the Blasted Lands and the City of Ishendell with the aid of a compelled Fellowship army and it’s mad general. 

The Republic Besieged, Chapter 1-2 | The Arts Mechanical (

9. The Pursuit of The Scourge.

The Republic fights the war on the Peninsula while the ultimate ancient weapon from the Mage Wars is found and creates yet more turmoil.

The Pursuit Of The Scourge, Chapters 1- 2 | The Arts Mechanical (

10. Lord Palen’s Tragedy

The race is on to find the Scourge devises and the hidden puppet mistress comes out of hiding as the Empire and the Blasted Lands are faced with further pressures and the Darkmage plots to use the Scourge on the Blasted lands. Lord Palen confronts the tragedy that his estate has become.

Lord Palen’s Tragedy, Chapter 1-2 | The Arts Mechanical (

11. The Conclave of Consequence.

The Conclave is called again and the forces maneuver as the dark oracle brings new resources to the table. The conclave is fun and games with a touch of espionage and a Hunter targeting Richard.

The Conclave of Consequence, Chapter 1-2 | The Arts Mechanical (

12. The Martyrdom Of The Grand Master

The Darkmage seeks a key to the ancient Scourge devises and a means to recover from his defeats as other dark forces emerge.

The Martyrdom Of The Grand Master, Chapter 1-2 | The Arts Mechanical (

13. Mysteries of The Hidden Estate.

Hidden in the mountains, the dark folk of the Hidden Estate prepare to renew the war against the Empire and the Blasted lands aided by Eyes in the sky.

Mysteries Of The Hidden Estate, Chapter 1-2 | The Arts Mechanical (

14. The Island of Intrigue

The death of the Darkmage was not the end as the rest of the ancient Darkmage’s family emerges to conduct espionage and terrorism. The various parts of the forces against the dark must find the place before more Scourge devises are unleashed, new Scourges with their fuses created by Captain Bronzerock’s brother in law

The Island of Intrigue, Chapter 1-2 | The Arts Mechanical (

15. The Princess and The Slave

The princess’s young companion is draw into the bowels of the dark’s secret underground city as Jorge searches for him.

The Princess and The Slave, Chapter 1-2 | The Arts Mechanical (

16. The Five Doomed Cities

Five jewels in the crown of the Mortal Kingdoms. Five cities in Vestia and Apua that represent the heart of culture and wealth for the Mortal kingdoms. Five cites all too near the Project’s base in Lain Othrond. Five cities loaded with coin for the taking if some tragic event should happen to the people inside. Five cities facing a Scourging and mass death. The Empress races to have the Scourge suppressors fabricated and installed before the Project people strike.

The Five Doomed Cities, Chapter 1-2 | The Arts Mechanical (

17. The War For the Mortal Kindoms.

Five Cities Scourged, five jewels smashed. How will the shattered Mortal Kingdoms stop the Project’s pillaging and destruction in the midst of the harvest?

The War For The Mortal Kingdoms, Chapter 1-2 | The Arts Mechanical (

18. The Landdragon Queen.

Three cities dead, along with her parents, a young queen faces treason and treachery from her own family as she must rebuild the shattered kingdom of Vestia.

19.  The Trials of Slaves

Jomney works on Vestia’s new capital as some ladies gather and plot as a family emerges from hiding.

The Trials of Slaves, Chapter 1-2 | The Arts Mechanical (

20. The Return of The Silverin  

The Silverin have reunited in the Empire, and join the effort against the Project as a cult like group of activists have dispersed Scourge devises in the Republic and put the city of Luggergate under the threat of the Scourge.

21. The Kraken and the Dark Sea

Ensign Roger Seachaser is facing his first commission aboard the survey ship RNS Diligent. He will be forced to face challenges as the Project unleashes a supersub on the Timberlands to force the Northern coast of the Empire to be abandoned.

22. Spiders Hunt in The Dark

There was one spider and now there are two as the intrigues and backstabbing continue on the Plateau. Clan Ironaxe is hunting spiders after the new spider feeds on a young clanmember, aiding the FSA in its hunt for the spiders.

23. The Great Dance

The Dance continues as the various side pursue their goals. Who lives and who dies?

24. Lyrie’s Legacies

25. Those Who Would Be Gods

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