The Landdragon Queen, Chapter 58

The battle has ended and

Chapter 58.


Bill came into Sarya’s office. “Jomney has become rather compromised. On the other hand, he did very well yesterday.”
Sarya blinked. “What did he do?”
“Jomney generaled a battle for the queen and won it easily. He needs to be more discreet or folk will start to ask serious questions about him. I have the report from Roger right here.”

Sarya looked at the report and said, “Duc Geral looks to be a resource to cultivate.”
“He already is. Roger is an in law. The bad news is that one of Bob Harper;’s people turns out to be the Duc’s brother. I have the Duc’s file here. He is quite an interesting fellow. Of course some other interesting fellows have emerged. We probably should have paid more attention to Vestia.”
“Vestia? Why?”
“Because the other side was evidently breeding all sorts of things there, including their own mage academy.”

“That sounds serious.”

“The place was discovered in Altensee, under the protection of the city and the D’lanates. The question is how much did the old duc know and since he was in the city when the city was Scourged, finding out will be tricky.”

“We may have to send some people to Altensee.”
“I’m already working on that.”

University of Ironton, Ironton.

 Professor Xilynore walked into Conrad’s office with Jorge’s Darkmage fortress paper and said, “We may have to arrange an expedition to the Empire when the term is over.”

“You said that the fortress was imaginary.”

“The place in the fables and the trashy novel is. On the other hand, the Ravahana were very real and they were apparently the center of many of the things that caused the Empire to collapse and the Mage Wars to happen. Here, read for yourself.”
“What about the third paper?”

“I want to know how Jorge up and disappeared and where he went. As for the third paper, I suspect that he knew what he was talking about. That paper will be as interesting as the other two.”

“I haven’t seen you this excited for a long time.”
“I think that I was stuck in a rut. I didn’t need to publish and I was afraid to face some illusions. The interesting thing, is that while I was wrong, I was right as well. Ishendell was Scourged, and not abandoned as a result of food shortages, but there were food shortages and they created turmoil which made it easy for things to happen and the Scourge itself was created to prevent the Blight and the resulting crop destruction.”

“I see some exploration coming for us both.” 


The royal children watched the ancient towers of the city of Ishendell approach with a sense of awe as the train arrived at the station. As the train pulled in, like a doll, there was a girl that must be a princess, with two landdragons and a servant with a collar. Nathan and Yrvien grinned as they prepared to get off the train. They pushed the children to the end of the car and down the steps to the platform. The doll approached and said, “I am Princess Immianthe from the Empire. This is Tad, Jimmy and Talissa. My grandmother and Queen Diona wanted you to have people of rank welcome you.”

Radal bowed and said, “I am glad to meet you, princess, and you as well, Jimmy and Talissa. This is Celeste and Michale, my sister and brother. This is the Republic, why are you here?”
“The portals are the Empire, officially, even if you are going from here to the Dolmas. There was a battle and the queen sent to my grandmother and asked for somebody to join Jimmy and Talissa and greet you.”

“I see that Jimmy and Talissa went all scaly today.”

“Since your sister is being scaly, we decided that we would be as well, Radal,” Talissa said. “At some risk to ourselves, of course. Shall we proceed to the portal and the Empire? The Qinvaris are having the Harvest festival tomorrow and Jimmy has arranged to have you stay at his House.”

The children’s eyes brightened. “A real elvish castle!”


“That will be amazing!”

Jorge looked at his people and said, “I need to Jump back to college. Don’t forget me.”
Nat grinned. “We won’t. Of course, you may regret that.”

“What do you mean?”
“We wouldn’t want you to lose your reputation and since you will not be in a position to have portal at hand, we may have to assist.”

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