The Landdragon Queen, Chapter 59

Ilyithe’s day turns out well.

Chapter 59.

The Lower City.

  Ilyithe was ending a dull and boring day manning the Justiciar’s station, where nothing of import seemed to be happening when Airden appeared. He walked up, looked around and said, “I understand some things if you want to talk about it.”

Ilyithe looked at him and said, “What do you understand?”
“I was talking to some folk about you and they all said that I should talk to you about it rather than finding out from somebody else. I made a bit of a mistake, but there were reasons. You know about my great grandmother and how she was. When I was thirteen, my great grandmother invited the family to the estate for a five day for an entertainment. Most of the thing was normal, if stressful for my grandmother and grandfather, who did not what us kids engaged in certain corruptions. Grandmother was careful but Great Grandmother had a Silverin that she used to seduce people and she sent the Silverin after me while Great grandmother kept my grandmother and the rest of the family occupied. The Silverin managed to get me to a couch and started doing things. I pulled my knife and used it to push her away, cutting her and ran. I didn’t tell anyone what had happened, but we left early. Since then, I have had to be careful about certain things and above all, I didn’t let anyone, especially girls get close to me.”
“Sylph hasn’t managed to get you to a couch?”
“Not at all. She doesn’t like me very much anyway, at least not that way. The thing is that I listened when you and Sylph were talking and I shouldn’t have.”

“I think that I understand you better. You weren’t listening for dirt, you were protecting yourself.”
“You have to understand that my great grandmother would have rewarded any girl that managed to get me under her thumb handsomely and even after she is dead, many of the servants would have no problem warming my bed, or even having my child. I do not want to become the kind of person my great grandmother was, only taking things for my pleasure.”

Ilyithe’s heart jumped and she said, “You know something of what I was doing.”

“I did ask some questions, yes. Villia and some others said that you and I should talk it out. I just came to apologize for the misunderstanding and see if you would join me at the harvest festival tomorrow.”

“I think that I would consider that.”

“Here then, I made this for you.” Airdan handed Ilyithe a gold chain necklace with a tiny gold and enamel Justiciar’s symbol on it. “They said that you liked enamel things and I do little things when I need to escape.”

“This is wonderful!” Ilyithe grabbed Airdan and kissed him on the cheek. “I will join you at the festival.”

Airdan walked away feeling light in his heart and feet. His guards looked at each other and grinned as they turned to follow.

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