The Amateurs that can really wreck your systems

This is a post series on cybercrime. For more posts click here or the cybercrime tag below.

This week saw the return, like a disease, of locky.  As well as ever more amateurish Malware that rather than encrypting you data, will accidently or deliberately, destroy all your files by randomizing them.  This is not a good thing.

The big problem with the whole ransomware/malware has been what could happen if people, especially people with no morals and very few programming skills got their hands on the technology.  This week’s “The Week in Ransomware” makes it clear that that exactly what’s happening.  People are releasing these very destructive software programs that rather than encrypting the data so that it can be recovered, actually destroy it.  The chaos that this could create is fairly obvious.  On the user side that means that it is even more essential to have a disconnected backup of crucial data.  On the software and OS side that means that access needs to have far tighter controls.  On the law enforcement side, more of the people spreading this stuff need to publically arrested and have the maximum penalties thrown at them. The consequences of standing pat on this are not going to end well.

Here’s more at “The Week In Ransomware”


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