The Stuff Greens Keep Getting Wrong

It’s Earth Day Again!!
This year the fun seems to be a “March For Science.” Or rather for “Science we believe in.” Which isn’t science at all, but like Lysenkoism, a religious believe system for those who eschew religion.

Update: A bunch of things they got wrong on Earth Day ,and no composting girlfriends for the planet.

“These predictions may seem laughable in hindsight, but they have been used to give credence to our agenda. Let us applaud these brave scientists who have sacrificed their credibility in pursuit of world socialism. They sounded the false alarm to give cover to our communist politicians working under the guise of the Democrat Party.”

The Arts Mechanical

The real world tends to NOT cooperate with the Greens constant scream  of “DOOM, DOOM, The World Is Ending!!” I was ten when the first Earth Day came around and these predictions  were made.  That was 45 years ago and somehow none of that stuff happened.

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