The Landdragon Queen, Chapter 51

A huntsman is resurrected

Chapter 51.

The Hideway.

Blinking in the light as he woke, Baladaric realized that his arms and legs were restrained, he was not wearing any clothing and that he wasn’t alone, with the a strange mixture of elf and cat looking at him. The thing said. “You turned out well.”

“Where am I?”

“The place where I could save you.”
“Who are you?”
“You can call me Lady Cantgúl.”
 “Why am I restrained?”
“In addition to healing you, I enhanced you. You are dangerous to yourself and others, because you don’t know your own strength and were unconscious.”
“Will the enhancements aid in my tasks?”

“I see that you are very focused. That is a good thing. The enhancements will aid you in your tasks. The duc recovered you and some of your compatriots who were  badly wounded dealing with the landdragons and we healed and enhanced you all.”

“Then I owe you a debt, milady.”

“It is good that you know that. In any case, it is time to begin your training.”

County Hashal.

Elderic smiled at the tents spread across the yards and gardens of the chateau. The various plotters had assembled almost seven thousand men, better than he had expected. Even better, Jon had used the new telegraph and some connections and contracted some orc mercenaries that he had used before from Clan Ironhead. Jon had also quietly manufactured rifles on his estate as well as casting several cannon, at least they looked like cannon. At one time that would have been condemned as resorting to magery, but this was a war against that abomination and as such, use of such things was allowed. Jon walked up with a rather battered orc and said, “Elderic, this is Colonel Ratug Ironhead. I have used him before for things and as long as he is paid, he does not have any problems with local issues.”
Elderic grinned. “Colonel, pay we can. You need not concern yourself with that. When can you march?”
“At any time. I also have another company going directly where we are going as a reinforcement. They are using laborers as a cover and moving by train to the station.”

“Excellent. Let us begin, then.”

Eddie pulled the sense string back, reached for a Jump anchor and cursed when he couldn’t find any. They had started a suppressor and he was stuck. Shortly afterwards, guards came around and rounded up the house staff and the village and placed them in a barn. He wasn’t going anywhere very fast.

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