The Experiment: Capitalism versus Socialism

It comes down to the Mercedes or the Trabant

Watts Up With That?

Paul Driessen writes:

University of Delaware climatology professor (and amateur history buff) David Legates offers some fascinating insights into a persuasive socio-economic experiment. His analysis could provide handy intellectual ammunition for ongoing battles between free enterprise-oriented Republicans and committed socialists in the Democratic camp.

What if we could destroy a country’s political and economic fabric through a natural disaster – or a war – and then rebuild one half of it using capitalism as its base, while the other rebuilds on a socialist foundation? David wonders. Let the virtues of each system work their magic, and then see where the two new countries are after fifty years. Actually, he says, we’ve already performed The Experiment. It’s post-war Germany – and the outcome ought to end the debate over which system is better.

The Experiment:  Capitalism versus Socialism

What if we could have an experiment to compare the two systems?…

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One comment

  1. Aletha Carlton · September 25, 2016

    Well, actually it is not quite so simple. Capitalisim and Socialism both have there downside. In our Country Capitalism has become corrupt as the wealth has been horded away, Money has become a way of controlling people in ways that benefit a small minority rather then the whole. It is also used to persecute and rob others in the pursuit of more riches. If either Capitalism or Socialism is not bounded by a moral compass and used for the common good, then either will fail.


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