Why this Job Market is Still Terrible: The Politically Incorrect Numbers Everyone is Hushing up, by Wolf Richter

Instead of making things simpler the Obama Administration, in it’s efforts to solve problems that were not really problems, made things infinitely worse. I said that electing Obama and his friends would be like taking a punt gun to the economy. I hate being on things like this.


On a per capita basis, the job market has shown little improvement since the last financial crisis. From Wolf Richter at wolfstreet.com:

For individuals, it has barely improved since the Great Recession.

If you have a salary well into the six figures, stock options, nearly free healthcare, and other benefits such as access to free gourmet lunches and dinners at the company’s food court, you might have missed something that a lot of folks feel every day: It’s still a very tough battle out there in this job market. And here is why.

Today we got what was called a “stellar jobs report”: Non-farm payrolls rose 255,000 in July. In the other component of the report, the household survey showed that 420,000 new jobs were created. There are now a record 123.9 million full-time jobs. Government hiring was strong. Numerous sectors added to payrolls. And the unemployment rate remained stuck…

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