Free Milo

Now Milo Yiannopoulos makes me nervous. maybe because it’s because he looks and acts like a Classical Greek God.  Or the fact that he rubs his gayness in everybody’s face.  Certainly not one to make you feel comfortable. Still, if there is one thing you can say about him, is that he is as smart as he looks.  And that he doesn’t suffer foolish SJW’s gladly.  So when Leslie Jones started twittering about her movie and Milo responded she was completely out of her depth.


Ralph Retort has a fairly  good timeline.

Ghostbusters Star Leslie Jones Has Epic Twitter Meltdown, Goes Full Harambe! (UPDATES GALORE)

First of all it looks to me as if Leslie went off the wall before Milo was dragged in, most probably by being tagged in by somebody wanting to share the fun. After all he was busy setting up his party at the RNC.  Not likely a good time to be playing troll on Twitter.

Still he did make a couple of posts, which in typical Milo style were rather nasty, if to the point.  To which Ms. Jones responded in typical fashion. Frankly I’m surprised that Sony didn’t have somebody  sitting on that twitter account at least for the opening weekend.  The stuff was rough, but unfortunately Ms, Jones started off on the typical narrative and thus managed to put herself right into 4Chan’s hands.  4Chan being far better at using dummy accounts and playing nasty.  Which they did, in spades.

Still other than the two Tweets that I saw, I didn’t see anything that came from Milo, yet it’s Milo taking the hit.  Along with the media playing along in lockstep, without any  attempt to actually find out what really happened.  So we get a clear example of how the media/Progressive establishments work. Now all these companies are private and can have any opinions they want. But they can’t post or print this stuff and claim to have legitimate objectivity.  The only story that we can see is the narrative how Ms. Jones was victimized off Twitter by the evil minions of Milo.  The fact that those minions do not exist and frankly the whole thing was more less incited  by Ms. Jones failing to put a lid on her overeactions in the beginning has gotten lost in the rush to stomp on and censor a rising conservative.

Twitter gives internet troll Milo Yiannopoulos the axe, bans him permanently – as it should

Milo ‘Permanently Suspended’ From Twitter Following Row With Leslie Jones

Sargon Of Arkad.

BREAKING: Milo Now Banned By Instagram! (UPDATE: Reinstated After Uproar!)

Twitter has a choice.  Either admit that some points of view are more equal than other points of view, which seems to be their current business model and risk losing customers when conservatives, libertarians and other free thinkers leave twitter and take their eyeballs elsewhere, or act like a utility and remain neutral and if standards are applied, the apply to everybody and ban everybody who ever makes extreme remarks and lose customers.  Not a good set of choices.  Or they could just reinstate Milo’s account let the whole thing blow over and people have at it.  At least on Twitter, nobody is shooting ate each other.     But then maybe Jack is jealous of Milo’s looks.



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