Freedom Works

The tragedy in Orlando has brought out the vultures again, blaming the innocent rather than the problem.  Again it’s guns, the NRA, or the Christian right to blame in spite of the fact that the perpetrator, was Muslim, Democrat and worked for a security company and would have been able to obtain firearms even under the most stringent set of gun laws.

Yet again, we have the President and the rest of the Left hauling out the gun control mantra.  I suppose that, for them it’s fairly easy.  Just haul out the old templates, scrape of the names and places, drop in the new ones and spin, spin, spin.

Obama’s Shameful Pivot to Gun Control After Orlando

What they aren’t saying is that the tragedy essentially occurred because of the overuse of the precautionary principle and the denial of the people in the bar of their right to defend themselves.  The excuse was that guns became so dangerous in the hands of drunks that allowing them in a bar was just too dangerous.  There’s always an excuse.

Yet almost before the bodies were cold the same old spin was coming out from the spin machine.  The people can’t be trusted with the liberties that are their right and are protected ostensibly by the Constitution.  The same old canards of how dangerous the weapons are.  The same weapons that are used to equip the government agents, police and security guard that protect the governments interests, property and especially, people. Security guards like the one that walked into that bar and opened fire.

Could this have had a different ending?  Well yes, according to Larry Corriea here.

Self Defense is a Human Right

Now I’ve never met Larry personally, yet, but he’s got the experience for knowing about this stuff. No going down to the gun shop and firing an AR15, he owned a gunshop and tactical store.  He’s probably put rounds through more stuff than 99% of the people in the military.  And he’s had experience with law enforcement. Along with the fact that he’s adverse to spin.  So when Larry says that the people who conduct mass shootings collapse in face of armed resistance, I believe it.  Larry says that freedom works.

The fact is that freedom and trust work just about every place it’s tried.  The most free places in the country are the ones with the lowest crime and the highest trust.  The least free places, like Detroit, Chicago and other American Cities  are turning into murderous hellholes of total anarchy in the streets. The sad fact is that more people were shot in Chicago which has been supposedly gun free for decades than murdered in Orlando. Democrats shooting other Democrats, with the usual top down elites keeping most of the people unable to defend themselves.  But that doesn’t matter because the end goal of gun control is the people in charge having all the guns.

Historically that hasn’t ended well for the people not in charge.  The people in charge are always afraid of what people might do.  All the time.  Every time an issue comes up, you can tell how scared they are.  They lie awake scared that somebody might do something, anything that will affect them. They go through daily life in a state of perpetual paranoia. No amount of control is enough, because it’s not the controlled that’s the problem, it’s inability of the controllers to let go of their fear. Which leads to thkngs like this.

The funny thing is that when you give people the freedom to live their lives, the guns go away, because the fear goes away.  Free societies keep the guns in the holsters because everybody respects and expects other right to defend themselves. It’s when people want exert power over others and deny them the right to defend themselves that things get ugly.


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