The Chicago Commies Fight The Illinois Disenfranchised

There was a big fight yesterday at the Trump Rally That never happened.  Frankly I think that Trump made a mistake in not going.  At least for his image as a brawler.  How do you schedule a brawl and not show up for it? One thing that’s obvious though is that the whole thing was orchestrated by the usual suspect in the  Democrat  coalition.  After all, there was bomber Bill Ayers, right there in front of the cameras.


Pleased as punch about it all.


What the cameras weren’t showing was   how the Soros funded usual Democratic thug machine orchestrated the whole thing.

With usual suspects.

Here Are The Radical Leftist Anti-Tump Groups Behind The Chicago Protest

Or that the thugs went in looking for heads to break.

It’s important to remember that this wasn’t some little put together little thing.

The problem with dirty tricks is that if they get discovered, you’re probably screwed, which somebody in the Nixon camp should have explained to Mr. Liddy.  These Sanders supporters aren’t doing him any favors.

Bernie Sanders Supporters Brag About Disrupting DONALD TRUMP RALLY IN CHICAGO (UPDATED)

On the  other hand, that may be the point.   Was the point of the riot an attempt to attack Trump or was it an effort by the Clinton dirty tricks squad to hurt Sanders by tying him to the ruckus.

If I were Sen. Sanders, I would be right now making damn sure that any and all contacts or relationships with these people was severed as fast and hard as possible.  What these people have done is probably put Trump in the Oval office and Trump carries grudges.  For that matter any Republican elected cannot avoid the necessity of stomping on these people with the full force of the law. If only to ensure that there is some law left in the political process.

Of course the GOPe is demonstrating why people have called them the “stupid party” for years. For crying out loud, people, don’t you ever read anything?

GOP Head Asks Both Sides to Reduce Violence at Trump Rallies

If I, without trying, can put together this post showing who’s responsible and more than likely, why, then the people at the RNC should have somebody able to do some work and figure things out.


I imagine that the people are orchestrating this sort of stuff are full of themselves right now.  But maybe they should study history a bit more closely.  If you are going to call Trump a NAZI, then you might want to think of how some NAZI institutions got the their start.   Specifically, the SA, the Brownshirts.

It’s nice to be able to call Trump supporters Brownshirts, but maybe people should consider what happens when they BECOME Browsnshirts, out of necessity.  The Brownshirts evolved because the NAZIS needed men to keep the Communists from disrupting their rallies and political events.  Of course once, organized, that sort of thing attracts the people who like knocking heads.  And once you have headknockers, the temptation to USE them to remove opponents become overwhelming.  Especially when the other side started it.

Heretofore, the Democrats have had their way with this kind of stuff for a fairly long time now.  They’ve been able to deploy their purple shirted union thugs and college radical stormtroops with impunity because most of us on the other side know the dangers of resorting to violence as a means of making an argument.


Free speech isn’t easy.  It means that you have to accept that people will disagree with you.  But liberty is like that.  The freedoms you have mean that you have to respect others because liberty involves a web of trust and respect.

Free speech is not just for those whom you like

The problem with resorting to violence is that you might not win and once you set that up, and it becomes winner take all, not winning means you may lose your prosperity, your home, your wealth, your family and your life.  The people that orchestrated that circus in Chicago should ask themselves if they are willing to play for those stakes.  Because if that’s the way they want to go, we, on the other side know a LOT on how to win with violence.  The other side should ask themselves if they really want to push people around who have done controlled violence in the past for a living.  Liberty takes work and there comes a time when that work means watering the tree of liberty with blood.  The other side should consider that.  Or consider what’s happened to movements like the Communists in Weimer Germany and what they created.   Maybe they would realize that what they did yesterday was sow the wind.  I hope that they and the rest of us are braced for the whirlwind.




  1. penneyvanderbilt · March 13, 2016

    Reblogged this on Crazy Pasta Child.


  2. Bryan Lovely · March 16, 2016

    Nitpick and pet peeve: “Nazi” is not an acronym (it’s an abbreviation) and thus should not be written in ALL CAPS. See


    • jccarlton · March 16, 2016

      Honestly I can rely on WIKI or the contemporary and primary source I’ve been reading for decades where NAZI is indeed used as an acronym. I’m going with the originals, sorry.


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