Britain’s Insanely Expensive & Utterly Pointless Wind Power Fiasco Exposed

Yet another study showing why the “renewables,” in this case wind are not a viable source of electricity. Here it is in raw numbers, the variability, low reliability and nondispactibility that are the hallmarks of renewable energy. what doesn’t appear on this report are the consequences, in lost business and higher electric rates.


By Paul Homewood

h/t Wolsten


Derek Partington, a former Chartered Engineer, has spent a lot of time in the last six years, researching the effectiveness of wind turbines. His findings are damning:


His report runs to thirteen pages, well worth a read. But some of his tables and charts tell the story.

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  2. Juba Doobai · October 23, 2015

    One would have thought that the Brits, who ruled the waves during the era of wind powered sail ships, would know that wind power can be very efficient especially when you need it. That’s why steam replaced wind as the prime movers of vessels on the high seas. The idea of wind power electricity is absurd.


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