Thinking About Converting My Mill Into CNC A Let’s Build Resource

I have a Sherline mill that I probably should convert CNC.  One problem right now is that I have very little shop space. Admittedly John Saunders of NYC CNC was able to manage

For a CNC setup I need a more or less permanent space that I can have a stable area and an enclosure.  Considering my night owl habits I may not to want it to be in the same room with my bed.  In any case, I also have to consider the options.

Sherline sells a package for $2700 or so including a mill and a computer running Linux:
P/N 8020 (8021 metric**)—Model 2000 8-direction mill, computer, drivers, stepper motors and software: $2745.00

This has the benefit that it’s turnkey and exactly the same mill that I already have. On the other hand the computer with the drivers is Linux which might cause problems with the cam software.  And it’s the mill I already have which means I’m not gaining anything other than CNC

Then there’s A2Z’s monster mill, which uses Sherline parts, but has more rigid and larger slides.  This is a good option but it means finding my own steppers and controller.  That’s not a big showstopper.

I like what Ken Toonz has done with his mill

This outfit seems to have some interesting options

And this:

Luiz Ally is truly inspirational with what he’s done with his Sherlines:

There’s also more stuff out there:

There’s the Sherline CNC yahoo group.

Taig makes a mill competitive with Sherline:

There’s no shortage of resources when I start.  There’s also the possibility of buying larger machine from Charter Oak

or Tormach, when and if I have space:

There are other options to consider.

We live in a wonderful time for making.

The Let’s Build Series.

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