Art Of the Week: Victor Nizovtsev

Wonderful whimsical fantasy art from this Russian painter.





Art Of The Week: The Garage Kits At Wonder Festival

I’ve been trying to get to Wonderfest  in Japan for over ten years now and have been blocked for a number of reasons. Still I am amazed at the sculpting level of some of the garage kit makers year after year.

Here’s some examples from this year’s winter wonderfest.   All from

More here:

many of these are NSFW, so don’t look unless your sure

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The Wonder Festival wiki page:

The official Wonder Festival page(Japanese)


Some video.

The show runners have set up special licensing deals with the anime producers so that figures made from anime can be made and sold without special licensing deals.  So many of the figures made and sold at these shows are anime related.  Many others are original work.  This is only a sample of the works at a typical Wonder Festival.


Art Of The Week: Danny Elfman’s Music.

The art of the week this week is Danny Elfman’s soundtracks.

Elfman’s soundtracks have a movement and a bounce that say, John Williams soundtracks do not.  While a Williams soundtrack will tend to make you think of grandiose and large scenes, the imperial march, for instance, an Elfman score will bounce.  Here’s a playlist so that you can listen for yourself.