Art Of The Week: Schlock Mercenary

About 17 years ago I ran into a quirky science fiction webcomic where the main character looks like a pile of poo.

One would think that something like that would be, well, a pile of poo and disappear fairly quickly. Yet the humor and storytelling overcame the rather poor art.  The comic has been a long, long stream of humor, interesting story telling and even stranger characters and backgrounds. The fact that the story has been able to keep going for seventeen years is an achievement in itself. Being able to maintain the quality of the storytelling makes Schlock truly a great work.

After all, how many writers would turn Christmas elves and ninjas into wargame  icons.

There’s a LOT more like this in Schlock Mercenary.


  1. JeffWeimer · April 8, 2017

    Howard has, I believe uniquely, published that webcomic daily – without interruption – the entire run (so far). He had a couple of close calls, but none were his fault. Datacenter issues, including a fire, I believe.


    • jccarlton · April 8, 2017

      Yes he has. He’s also an amazing guy to talk to or listen to. I had that opportunity to do that at a con a while back and I learned so much about how to plan how to make an ongoing project work.


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