The Rooftops Of NYC

There’s an amazing variety of stuff up there.

First a piece from the Gothamist.

The temptation to put a small cottage or other structure on the roof can be overwhelming.

NYC Rooftops


They even have bars up top.

Rooftop Roundup

Here’s an album of NYC rooftops.


Why Can’t New Yorkers Have A Nice City?

When I was very little, you never saw graffiti. Up to the time I was about eleven or so, it wasn’t a big deal.  But around 1972 or so you couldn’t avoid it.  From the time that I started going to baseball games on a regular basis until the 1980’s and the MTA painting all the trains in a paint that allowed paint to be washed off and finally replacing the entire fleet of subway cars with stainless steel cars, you couldn’t ride a train that wasn’t covered in the stuff.

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Getting Water To NYC

Feeding the thirst and keeping the toilets flushed for  9 million people is a HUGE undertaking.  Doing it so well that people bottle your water is a truly incredible engineering achievement.  Yet that is what the water Dept. of NYC has done.

Here’s the NYC DEP website.

Here’s the map of NYC water supply.

The DEP has been conducting a truly massive project to ensure that NYC has clean water far into the future.

Of course the huge requirements of NYC’s water supply has always required large construction.

The need for water has been growing as the city does right from the 19th Century.

As the needs increased the water needed to be brought from points ever further away.

Starting with Westchester and Duchess Counties:

Then up into the Catskills.

And the Delaware.

All built by sandhogs.

The NYC water system is a true monument to getting things done.

Building The Second Ave Subway

The Second Ave is the largest and longest awaited expansion of the NY Subway in the last 50 years.  In fact a proposed expansion of the Subway onto 2nd Ave has been a part of NY Subway planning  for over a Century.  At last  phase 1 is almost completed.

A wonderful gallery of pictures in the tunnels.

More from business insider.

Some pics on flikr.

Looking Uptown

Some Albums from the MTA.

Second Avenue Subway Update: 72nd Street Station
Second Avenue Subway Update: First Work Train Ride
Second Avenue Subway Update: February 27, 2015


Second Avenue Subway Update: January and February 2015


More here.

A drone takes a trip.

And more video from WCBS.

And the NY Times.

A video from the MTA.

The Second Ave sagas blog.

MTA’s info page.

In spite of all the complaints it’s important to remember that these are huge projects under very trying conditions and severe constraints.  And they seem to be doing well.


What Would Macy’s Be Without The Wooden Escalators

I’ve been in Macy’s Flagship store at Herald Square many times and I’ve always wondered about those clunky wooden escalators.  Well the NY Times has a story here about them.

They are an interesting nostalgic find buried in the huge store and a contrast to the newness of all that fashion.  They are a fun ride and I’m glad they are being retained.