The End Of Moore’s Law On The Streets Of Shenzhen

Bunnie Huang goes shopping in Shenzhen.

He makes some very good points about how the end of Moore’s law has come for processor speed.  The end of shrinking the gate size is coming shortly as well.  Not necessarily because the physics don’t work but because the machines to make the transistors will have gotten prohibitively expensive.  It seems that there was another exponential in Moore’s law.

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Building A F/A 18 Super Hornet

Interesting timelapse.

With all the teething problems the F35 is having and the extra costs involved it would pay to maintain the line even at a skeleton level. The problem is that that the way these things work out, once a line shuts down, it’s scrapped and gone, tooling, fixtures and all.  Which has always struck me as a stupid way to do things, but the military doesn’t seem to want to make sure that reserve funding is kept to keep lines in storage even for operational aircraft once production stops.

Portfolio Of A Dying Industry

A wonderful gallery of photographs of the American textile industry.

It’s easy to see that, regardless of the obviously proud and dedicated people working in those factories that the industry is slowly dying.  Like so many it’s being strangled by a leadership class taxing everything that moves for money to spend on their own offices and privileges and hand out to the favored people.

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Unexpected Beauty Hiding inside America’s Last Fabric Factories

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Some Pics Of The Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Factory in 1940

The pictures were taken on contract to the US government to show working people

More Pratt pics.

More pics of Hamilton Standard.

Along with Sikorsky.

The entire archive of thousands of pics is here.