Dimensioning And Detailing Your Parts, A Lets Build Resource

This is a follow up on the designing machined parts post. The drawings that I did are for examples and not to be taken as the proper practice for doing drawing.


I’m going to start off with this image.

This is a drawing sent to a jobshop in England(http://www.wilsontools.co.uk/) that I ran into on Linked in  and as far as simple goes, it has just about everything needed to make a simple part like this. Well almost, there are a couple of missing dimensions and there needs to be a material and expected finish.  But something like this will get the job done.

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Laser Resources, Let’s Build

First of all, let me say that dealing with LASERS is serious business.  I have an old sign that was copied from a laser company ad that says; Dang!!! do not look into laser with remaining eye.  A LASER, even a low power one, can blind you and you don’t get  a second chance with blindness. Always wear eye protection with correctly tinted lenses when working with lasers.

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Model Making, A Let’s Build Resource


I’ve been a scale model builder since I was about seven or so. At least I remember having a box of kits that somebody gave me before we move to Ct in 1967.  A box that was tossed in the move and I really wish hadn’t been because one of the kits in that box was first pop Starship Enterprise, but I digress.  In any case I’ve been working various materials making small and large thing for a very long time.

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Designing machined Parts. A “Let’s Build” Resource

Ran into this excellent post on designing machined parts for manufacturing. the excellent post is from OMW Corp, a job shop in California. The link is below.  If you need some machining work done in CA, they look like a good place to go.  It’s a good guide to how to design parts for machining. There’s no great rocket science here, just common sense and understanding the tools and how they work.

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