A Computer For Apollo

When the space program was started back in the beginning of the 1960’s how to guide the spacecraft in space was a complete unknown.  The problem of calculating burns and orbital insertions was a nontrivial one. At the time all flight control had been analog and in 1960, the computers filled up buildings.  When the call came to go to the moon, one thing was clear though.  A computer small enough to fit on the spacecraft was going to be essential.  That computer would be the Apollo Guidance Computer(AGC).

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A Fusion Update, A Tech Stuff Special

Here’s an interesting piece from Time magazine:

The funny thing is that getting fusion isn’t really that hard. The Farnsworth Fusor which almost guarantees that you get some fusion neutrons  isn’t that hard to fabricate.


Kids as young as 13 have built fusors and frankly I think that they are a good way to learn about vacuum, useful even if you don’t get useful energy out of your gadget. And they are cool.


I’ve posted before about fusion energy before. Especially about Robert Bussard’s polywell. Not perhaps as much as I should have.  Especially about the polywell. I became interested in the polywell  when I watched this talk from Robert Bussard back in 2007.

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Why Generation Ships Will NOT “Sink” A Failure To Communicate

Recently Sarah Hoyt published a post of mine:


While I was ecstatic to guest post on Sarah’s blog, File 770 reposted with their usual editorial style and Mike’s commenters behaved in their usually classy, hyper intelligent fashion, flinging their usual monkey poo. Because they didn’t actually read the links I posted they really had no way of knowing what I was talking about. I was directly referencing and being critical of the post that Mr. Robinson wrote, not the novel.  But if you didn’t read the posts there’s no way to understand that.  Thus the monkey poo.  That’s what happens when you don’t understand things.

Pixel Scroll 4/12/16 My Pixels Were Fair And Had Scrolls In Their Hair

Apparently when I tried to point out that I was using a professional perspective I was being pompous.

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