The Republic Torn, Chapter 9-10

Tony is looking for some devises. Aakhu has girl issues.

Chapter 9.

The Lower City

Derry walked down the street to the tavern and walked inside. Maethanar grinned as he saw Derry and said, “What have you been up to, young Derry?”

“I have been making preparations. I am ready to start.”

“What are you starting?”

“Some people back home forgot that even if the folk taken by the Ravathyra are slaves here, they are still citizens and can still vote. I will need to get their registrations updated, but I have the forms for that.”

“How did you manage that?”

“I just sent home and asked for them. Apparently no one at home cared to ask why I wanted all those forms.”

Tony came in and sat down. Maethanar looked at him and said, “You seem pleased with yourself. What happened?”

“I have been tasked to find or have manufactured as many of those transformation devises as I can find. Derry’s future sister in law had a party on the Drag in Southport and the thing was a big hit, so my cousin Danny will pay a bundle for any of those things we can send him.”

“What is the Drag?”

“The main street in Southport. I don’t know why they call it that, but it is right off the beach and has gambling places and hotels, all of which are looking for shows to bring the marks in. Sthisse, Susan and Sally had a party for the younger delegates and family members with one of those devises and Danny’s daughter and some of her friends were there. They want to set something up, but Sthisse took the devise with her.”

Maethanar and Derry started to laugh. “I haven’t heard about the party yet,” Derry said. “I imagine that I will.”

After making his way through the temple, Kelvahn exited the elevator and entered the room where the high priests and priestesses of the Seven Gods were meeting. He bowed and said, “You wanted to see me, milord’s?”

“Yes,” Niossae said. “We would like an update on the cult of the new gods. We have not heard very much of late.”

“The Prophet and the others responsible for the murders in Iyanalion have been arrested and detained. The rest of the cult is resident on the Carayarus estate and being supervised by the Silverin.”

“What of their allies?”

“The orcs and the rest are in custody awaiting disposition to the Fellowship and the Orcenlands. That’s a sticky, as we are trying to work out how to deal with them across three justice systems and three countries and we’ve never had to deal with something like that. We’re planning to setup some sort of tribunal and have a trial. The question is when and where, and the details. Then there is Redhand and his people, but Redhand has death penalty sentences from just about everyone already, so the decision now is who pulls the lever on him.”

“So any threat from the cult has been resolved.”

“By and large, yes.”

“What do you know of these Houses that were thought extinct and have returned?” Torross asked.

“Which Houses are those?”

“House Silverin, House Carayarus and House Themaer.”

“I would discuss their stories with the palace. They are all interesting.”

“Can they handle the burdens placed on them?”

“I would say so.”

Chapter 10.

RNS Progress

Aakhu looked across from his perch on the mast toward Diligent and mused how his life had changed from that of a simple sneak thief and burglar to what he was now, whatever that was. The voyage was coming to an end and that meant that Aakhu was going to have to make a decision on whether to enlist officially or not. He had thought that the decision would be easy until Sillia had come on board after having been rescued with her parents from the Matilda Point. Probably because they were the closest in age, Sillia had been after him all during the voyage to the Hidden City and it was obvious that she expected him to join her on a beach at some point. The problem was that Aakhu wasn’t sure that he was ready for that and had no real background on how to behave. At least he and Sillia were separated, but Aakhu found that he missed her already. The electrician’s mate called out, “Aakhu, that’s got it. You can let go now.”

“Yes, sir.”

“We are heading home after this. Are you looking forward to leave?”

“I’m not sure, sir. I don’t have anyone there.”

“I wouldn’t be too concerned. You will be fine.”

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