The Return of Redhand, Chapter 91-92

Nat sees some issues with mana flow. The Carayarus plot weddings.

Chapter 91.

The Community

Nat watched another bobble show up on the screen, turned to his father and said, “Something is in control and trying to keep things operating properly. So far it has. On the other hand, once things really got going, it was a good thing for it that we shut the fusors down. Of course these two things are probably making all sorts of trouble for the new gods. What are they?”

“I don’t know, other than they seem to be in the Empire.”

Nat laughed. “Some Houses spent some money, then.”

“What is going on?”

“When I started up the fusors and the wells were opened, there were some things that had shutdown for lack of mana during the mage wars. They started up again, which is why I chased around shutting down the fusors that I had just started up. Iolas and I have that under control and I was going to start things up again when you sent your message. The two things you see are constructors constructing buildings in the Lower City.”

“Two buildings in the Lower City?”

“Yes. Two constructors started up and were running. The decision was made to let them complete their projects, apparently.”

“Large buildings?”


Chapter 92

The Carayarus Estate

Tiriana looked at the gathered ladies and said, “We are off to a good start. The tea party was a success and I want to thank you, Fayeth, for having us.”

Fayeth grinned. “So what is your next move, Tiriana?”

“My son’s wedding, but that is going to mean making some connections. How well do you know Keerla?”

“I don’t know her, but the Themaer’s certainly do.”

“That will work.”

Sihnion passed the ladies and their plotting as he and Renynn walked down the hall and said, “You are in trouble.”

“I know. Mother is on a march. At least the Harpers are not on the other side of things this time.”

“My grandsons will want to know if your House is planning a store in Innshys.”

“Possibly. It would be a good place for one. We don’t have a footprint in the Fellowship, so that will take some planning. That’s Pete’s department. I am a simple bladesmith.”

“You seem to be off to a good start here in the Empire.”

“We have, actually. Of course retrieving the House without stepping on too many toes will not be easy.”

“You could always build new.”

“Yes we could. Are you looking for more business?”

Sihnion smiled. “I like getting paid. Admittedly I have some large projects already, so the need is not urgent, but I have staff and associates to provide for.”

“This project should keep them entertained, especially working with the constructor.”

“How are you dealing with that?”

“That is one reason we want the House. Apparently House Carayarus was the contractor for the project. The control tablet is probably locked away someplace. We have some control over the devise and if necessary we can shut the thing down again, but having the tablet will make things easier.”

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