The Return of Redhand, Chapter 1-2

Here we go again.

Raguk and the others find a potential new ally. The new gods get some news.

The Return of Redhand                 

Chapter 1


Raguk looked at the report and then at Foldwin and the others in the room. “This was rather interesting. We have a new player in the game.”

“I know. The question is who he is and if he could use some assistance.”

“He probably won’t be happy with what he got from that paywagon,” Tarathiel Sarfaren said. “We tried that and the Qinvaris are cagy with the money. They hide it in other things and use people that they trust, for good reasons.”


“They may have been. Even before Richard, House Qinvaris was loose about certain things and thought of them as beholden. Richard pushed that forward even more. In any case, getting information about how the Qinvaris handles the pay isn’t going to be easy.”

“There is also the microportal problem,” Drannor said. “It was embarrassing to lift what we thought were the Beinan files and then discover that we were tracked right across the Empire. If these new people mess around with the Beinans and the Qinvaris they will be burned rather quickly. They don’t have any experience handling the Qinvaris and their allies.”

Raguk grinned “That is what we can provide. Experience that we have gained  by having gone up against our enemies for some time. The crucial thing will be timing.”

“That and getting paid,” Tarathiel said.

“I am a mercenary. Getting paid has always been a part of the job whether we win or lose.”

Chapter 2.

The Divinity Devise

 There was another of those loud clangs and Arafiel winced. He should have been confident as a result of the repeated failures, but somewhere in the back of his head, he thought that the men who had fabricated the gun expected the shot they had been firing to fail. Indeed the failures had taken bits and pieces of the door’s shields and defences with them. He looked through the camera and grimaced.  Ornthalus came in the control room and said, “The hostages were retrieved last night.”


“Jumpers and possibly troops dropped in with one way ports.”

“Where did the Jumpers come from?”

“I have no idea. The report says that there were at least ten. They had been modified to use Republican weapons. The assault was preceded by one way ports that took out all the Projectors and the RDR. Then the Protector’s barracks were assaulted, any guards neutralized and Jumpers dropped into the compound and left with the hostages with the exception of Bill and his bonded. He had an ultimatum.”

“What was it?”

“That we act in line with the rules of war, or the Community goes away.”

“We need the Community. If nothing else, the Community is the core of belief in the new gods. That was part of the plan from the beginning.”

Ornthalus handed Arafiel the report. “You can read for yourself. Bill also said that control of the Projector mirror had been recovered and that Desert Howl and other location had large Projectors.”

“So the Community becomes a hostage.”

“More or less.”

“Did the Community ask for instructions?”

“No, they did not ask for anything from us.”

“Ask Blackfire if he thinks that he can recover the Base here. The enemy has withdrawn much of the force that took the Base. Perhaps we can do that and operate from here.”

“I will send the request.”

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