The Legacies of Lyrei, Chapter 83-84

Alinis and Tarranth explore the townhouse. Bradak is not happy with the way things are going.

Chapter 83.


Alinis looked at the remains of Amra’s office and mused again about her great great aunt. Time had not been kind to the office even though the office had been on the opposite side of the tower from the blast and the windows were intact. The fine fitted wood of Amra’s desk had crumbled with the metal parts bent and distorted. The room was coated in a gray dust that caused Alinis to sneeze whenever she entered the room. The good thing was that she had finally found and opened the small vault that contained Amra’s working journals and other things, including the missing part of her diary. The vault empty, she looked around the desk and there was a tablet on the floor, covered in the dust, but intact. Alinis picked it up and it activated. There was picture of Amra on the tablet and when Alinis touched this, the picture said, “Hello brother. I am sorry that you couldn’t make it for our anniversary. Ulesse is here and the rest of the kids will be porting down later for the party. I need to go as Ryul and I have to take headquarters duty until the party starts in case the ring is needed. The Ravahana are pressing again and Ryul thinks that they are planning to strike at the family someplace. This is getting so tiresome. I will send more later, with pictures of the party.”

Alinis picked up the tablet and added it to rest of the things that she had collected. She picked up the carton and took it downstairs to where the others were poking around into other spaces. Tarranth looked at her and asked, “What did you find?”

“Another Amra tablet. She was sending a message to her brother just before she went downstairs because Ryul was concerned about the Ravahana. What did you find?”

“The top of the stairs to the headquarters.  I don’t think that we should use them until the major returns and we can get some better equipment. Let’s go to lunch.”

Chapter 84.


Bradal looked at the message and fumed. The local police were still not cooperating in Desert Howl, Mora had not yet arranged for Admiral Harper’s papers to appear and the heads of the old families had gone off someplace. Even worse, the Old Families were dealing with the FSA and the investigation had slowed to a crawl. Perhaps more worrisome, the Cotton Exchange was going to trial in the next few days and the Press Service had picked up on it. That could push the investigation off the front pages before it had yielded any results or major arrests. Walking out of the café, he went to George Cinder’s office and said, “How is the matter with the Cotton Exchange going?”

“There haven’t been any new developments. The case goes to trial in a five day.”

“Could it blow up on us?”

“That is hard to say. It all depends on what they have.”

“We can’t really afford a stink that takes certain things off the table.”

“We’re stuck with it in any case.”

Tomas looked at the telegram and blinked. He picked it up and went out to his secretary. “What is going on with this telegram?”

“Mr. Secretary, Congressman Flyer and Congressman Wavechaser want an explanation as to why you personally withdrew those appointments from the Naval Academy.”

“They didn’t say why they wanted to know that?”

“I suspect that the constituents that were rejected are rather annoyed and called their Congressmen. This probably just the first telegram like this.”

“I shouldn’t have to explain about such a trivial matter.”

“You don’t have to, Mr. Secretary. On the other hand, the Congressmen will want answers and if the constituents were significant supporters or relatives, they may haul you up and want to discuss your budget.”

“Ok, take a memo and wire back to the Congressmen.” Here it is: “Congressman, I rejected those appointments because I felt that they did not represent what the navy should be, going forward. The future of the navy is built on the strength of the officer corps and I plan to push change in the Academy in the future to improve the quality of the officer corps. The students were rejected as they did not fit the new navy.”

“I’ll wire these out right away, but I think that this will not make them happy. I can get someone to brief you on the process involved for a naval academy appointment. If any of the rejections came from the Congressman’s families or navy families, there could be trouble.”

“Are you saying that I should reconsider the rejections?”

“Mr. Secretary, I can’t tell you what to do, but if any of the rejections were related to a Congressman, you will have made an enemy of somebody who controls the purse. If both Congressmen thought that the matter was serious enough to send telegrams, then they may not accept a simple explanation. The current Administration has to file a budget and get the appropriations approved almost immediately and if there are issues, the Congress will kill your budget and your agenda and force the President to sign a budget more in line with what your opponents want than what you want.”

Tomas sighed. “Find out what the relationships are. Don’t send that memo quite yet. I will have to think this over.”

“Very well, Mr. Secretary.” 

The Harper Ranch

 Rose looked at the cartons of material from Tom’s long and successful career in the navy and sighed. What with the things that Rosa sent down from the Empire and now both Bob and Tom resigning, she was suddenly required to deal with things she hadn’t planned for. So the cartons had sat there for a five day. On the other hand, it was the summer, the boys were out of school to do some heavy lifting and Rosa had just had an addition built for the archives. She opened the first carton and Tom had left an envelope inside with her name on it. She opened it, pulled the letter out and opened the letter. Looking at it, she grinned. The letter said, “Put this in the dark.”

Going to the door, she called out, “Boys bring those crates I saw the other day. I’ve got some work for you.”

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