The Legacies of Lyrei, Chapter 57-58

Bill and Nat have a proposal. The Lower City cleans up after the suicide bombers

Chapter 57.


Jorge had moved out of the dorm and into his grandmother’s as he prepared to return to the estate. Then the messages had started to come in. As a result of what had been sent, he was preparing to fly up to Ishendell when Bill and Nat came into his office with Adiun Beinan and some others with a family resemblance.  He looked at them and said, “You look as if you have something in mind.”

Nat grinned. “Milord, we were talking about the mana source in Seagate and the fact that we can operate portals there. We have the operable fusor, we can set up at the plant in Desert Howl and build a large portal. We thought that you would want to be involved.”

“What are you thinking?”

“The other side is going to be looking for more devises, since your grandfather will tell them about them. We can haul the operable devise to Desert Howl, swap it with the one that doesn’t work, use the shop that we moved out of the vault for things we can’t get here and use the large portal to make their lives miserable.”

“I was going to Ishendell.”

“They will want Ishendell,” Adiun said. “The major isn’t at the city right now and we think that they will try again to seize it. Your grandfather sent a message saying that they have already taken the estate.”

“We didn’t poke around in Ishendell as much as we should have. For that matter, we didn’t poke around on the estate. Ok, I’m in. The Portal Service can contact me if they need me and I can fly up.”

“Not Jump?”

“Now that things have started, they will start suppressors.”

Chapter 58.

The Lower City

Grafarin turned to Alen as crews of slaves and people from the Justiciars and House Romenor pulled bodies from the debris. “What a mess.”

“It could have been worse. Most of the staff was at the Qinvaris park for the race.”

Erendriel Romenor said quietly. “Justiciar, I will have a writ on the people that did this. For that matter, I will sign a contract with the Guild and anyone else who will bring the people responsible here. The Mana Service and my House had done nothing that justified this. There was nothing that we could have done to justify this.” He looked at the shattered Mana Service building, the grocery market next door that had also been destroyed and the several other buildings that were damaged. “I don’t know what they wanted, but this was not the way to get it.  At least the Darkmage’s madness was focused.”

“So was this,” Gander said. “The targets were not accidental. The damage was the result of somebody needing a big enough boom to be sure that the control panel was destroyed here. The other targets were all secondary, but important. The whole thing has been about control of the mana sources and now they have it.”

“Why haven’t the lights gone out?” Alen asked.”

Erendriel grinned. “We made an arrangement with some people. We also made some preparations. Unfortunately we were not able to complete them in time. So now they have control. It remains to be seen if they can keep it.”

Maethanar looked up at Richard as he sat down and said, “Would you be willing to have a discreet chat with someone?”


“Vasati Cairalei”

“You want a contract on some people.”

“I think that you can guess who. What happened was uncalled for.”

“It was. Jorge is poking at these characters. I wouldn’t worry about them too much longer.”

“The major is being slow.”

“He had some tough territory to punch through. My brother hasn’t sent me the details, but he seems to be ready to make a push.”

“I’m tired of watching this pointless pile of deaths and destruction. I’ve been seeing this and trying to stop it for my entire life and just when I think that I have a handle on the horrors, something new comes along.”

“We will beat them. We have been beating them and we now know what they want and how they intend to get what they want. They can’t hide anymore.”

“Will you go to Vasati?”

“If you insist.”

“I do.”

Gander came in and sat down. “They did something stupid.”

“What, Gander?”

“They assaulted the telegraph office and blew it up. Unfortunately, they didn’t know what was across the street. My relatives are rather annoyed that the guildhall was heavily damaged in the explosion. Richard, the guild wants to talk to your people.”

Richard grinned. “I can do that. Our retired Emperor here was just asking me to discuss some things with your relatives.”

“He is supposedly dead and wanted you to obtain a contract.”

“Yes,” Maethanar said. “That will apparently not be necessary.”

Yeldan looked at the ruins, turned to his head operator and said, “Jon, how soon can you get things back up?”

“The big loss is operators. We’re already switching over to the phone office, which, since it was outside the city and not complete, these people didn’t know about. But finding operators to cover us here and keep things running in the rest of the cities is going to be tricky. Losing a hundred of our best operators is going to leave a hole.”

“What about equipment.”

“We are good on the teleprinters and Facs equipment, since that was replicated in the phone office and other places. Again, the hole is going to be people.”

“Many of whom were family or from the estate. My father and the rest are not going to be happy.”

“I know. I’m going to have to be sending the messages back to the Republic for the people that weren’t family.”

“We can deal with that later. Right now, we need to get this dealt with.”


Hal looked at the tablet he was coding on, turned to Magpie and said, “I think that they are on to us. I’m locked out again.”

“They are getting faster. It only took them two twentieths.”

“I know. At least we can still get in, somewhat.”

“Have you got a tap from the mana source? Getting the portals back up and running would make our boss happy.”

“There is one, but I’m blocked. At least they haven’t turned the supressors on, yet.”

Alinis looked at Tarranth and said, “At least daddy lets you Jump back and forth.”

“Not to the House. At least not unless we have something important.”

“You had one of the copies of the legacy brought here. The seemings are here too.”

“Dad wanted a copy and the seemings here. I think that he thinks that we will lose the farm for a time.”

“Lose the farm?”

“When they run suppressors. He was afraid of that the last time. Mother, why are you here?”

Rosa looked at her son and daughter. “I Jumped down to give you two a report and send things to your grandmother. The Project has destroyed the Mana Service and the telegraph office in the Lower City and attempted to destroy the Portal Service, the Residence and army headquarters. The portals have been cut off from mana and shut down. So far, there has been no trace of suppressors being active.”

“Are daddy and the rest ok?” Alinis asked.

“The Conclave was assaulted by Inanimates, but the Inanimates emerged right in front of the parade with the landdragons and flameriders in front. Things are mess, but the Conclave is fine.”

“Are you going back, Mother?” Tarranth asked.

“Not immediately. I need to coordinate with your uncle and grandmother. I can do that here more easily.”

“Mother, do you think that we will lose the farm?”

“We may, for a time. Your father and I agreed that rather than fighting a war with our own folk, folk that have been compelled, we would retreat somewhat. We don’t know what the enemy can do. We do know what they have done.”

“That failed,” Alinis said.

“Yes it did. The enemy was not destroyed by their failures and your father was certain that they would learn from them somewhat.”

“The lady wouldn’t have. She took me and then forgot about me.”

“She was rather distracted.”

“Biwynn was trying to tell her about things and she ignored her.”

“What about the others?”

“That is hard to say. I think that some of them are smarter than Haciathra. On the other hand, so is just about everyone else.”

“Even smart people make mistakes. Your father certainly has. I certainly have. We have both made costly mistakes. We learned from those mistakes and what frightens me is that the Project has as well.”


Merfyr looked at the mess that had been an Inanimate Incursion on Bank St., turned to the Trooper Commandant and General Creek and said, “What a mess.”

“We were lucky,” The Colonel said. “They have been launching them in bunches and then giving us a break. What worries me is the other show.”

“Suppressors,” General Creek said. “This is just a distraction. At least most of the army is immune.”

“I’ve had people working on them,” Jandar said. “The problem is that the Mage Academy is reluctant to share very much for obvious reasons and Guilass, who would be the best one to go up there and poke around  in the library has been busy with other things like Scourge suppressors and RDR. He’s also been covering for Wyrran for some of the Portal Service work. So he hasn’t had the free time and suppressors became a lower priority.”

“At least the Scourge has been taken off the table,” Merfyr said. “We will have to do what we can.”

The Base.

Blackfire quietly joined Ornthalus and Tannator as they were finishing the operation plan for the second stage of the operation and said quietly, “We have infiltrators.”

“Are you sure?”

“The technician said that the shield generators and suppressors had been tampered with. That was the same sort of thing that we had happen to us in Ishendell.”

“Do you have details?”

“Not really, as we were not there. The people that were are gone. We did collect some reports from the enemy. Apparently Major Tollings had experts with his unit and they had infiltrated.”

“We will have to increase the sentries and the guard, then.”

Jimmy joined Tim and the others and said, “I think that they know that we are here, somewhat. They’ve increased the guards on the shield generators and things.”

“They finally caught on to us. Let’s go.”

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