The Great Dance, Chapter 59-60

The President asks Tom to do something. Alinis arrives at the Center

Chapter 59.


Jarfaet looked at Tom and Ivan and said, “Do you have an explanation why you suddenly moved the fleet to Milport?”

“Tad found a place in the Junglelands where ten places had been Scourged right next to each other. I wanted the fleet in a position to act if necessary.”

“When were the places Scourged.”

“About ten years ago, right after Wongpo.”

“So it was right after the Scourge devises were fabricated.”


“Do you know what was there and what the Project is doing there?”

“No. the Junglelands have always been more or less inpenetrable and frankly, since there were no people seemingly willing to trade and no real pressures to settle, nobody paid attention.”

“That may have been encouraged.”

“I know. I didn’t exactly tell anyone that Diligent was planning to conduct a survey there. As far as most people were concerned we were looking at the Mortal Kingdoms, which was the primary mission.”

“Have you verified the intelligence?”

“Not yet. I’m going to get Major Tollings as close as I can and send Skychaser when I have rockets.”

“Are Skychaser’s rockets accurate enough that if they had a Primary as a payload, the payload would destroy the target?”

“Mr, President, I can’t answer that. I can talk to my uncle and see what he says. That is not something that I had planned to consider.”

“I have to. Over a million people have died because of this thing already this time around and if we can end this with a single shot, we take the shot and the consequences.”

“They will probably have Scourge suppressors.”

“I know. Talk to your uncle and prepare a brief. Buy some launches if you need hard data.”

“Very well, Mr. President.”

“This could get you in trouble, Jarfaet,” Ivan said.

“I am aware of that. On the other hand, I can’t pass this coin and if things go really bad, I need to know the options.”

“Unfortunately, I don’t have any arguments.”

Mora sat down across from Bradal and said, “How do things fare for you?”

“Not as rough as I expected, this term. On the other hand, we are only a few fivedays into the session. How do you fare?”

“Well. Have you heard anything about Marian of late?”

“She may have returned to the south after the accusations from some of her family members.”

“I must send her a message of condolence then.”

“Has there been anything unusual of late in Chatsrey?”

“A young dragon roughed up a ranger in Castle Hill Park, but the ranger did not have any evidence and the dragon got away with it.”

“It is a shame what our country has become.”

“Has the FSA found poor Kingford’s killers yet?”

“The trail is still cold. As far as they know, the killers are gone. So, we are left with little.”

“That is a shame.  I have other errands, so I will leave you to your meal.”

Chapter 60.


 In the end, Aidiun had decided not to tell the story of his life and family to the girl. That was both for her protection and his. She was going to be with a powerful mage and monster. What she could not reveal, the monster would not discover. That was safer all around. So, before the ship had come in sight of land, he had placed the collar on Alinis, activated the sleep function and after the ship was in the bay of the long empty harbor, put her in a boat, and had her rowed to the land and ported to where he had been told to send her. The boat came back and Gar, who had been handling the boat, said, “We weren’t the only recent visitors here.”

“Who was here?”

“It looks like Republican Marines cleared a road inland.”

“So the Empty Lands had some visitors. That isn’t really our concern. Let us proceed to where we were going?”

“I wish that we hadn’t had to do that to the girl.”

“So do I. So do I.”

The Center.

The portal activated and Alinis fell through it. Two slaves noticed her, saw the collar and took her outside to the head servant. He looked at her and said, “Who is this?”

“She just came through the portal, head servant.”

“Let me wake her up.”

The head servant deactivated the sleep function and the girl’s eyes blinked.

“Where am I?”

“Who are you?” the head servant snarled.

“Alinis Qinvaris Harper.”

“Why were you sent through the portal?”

“I don’t know. I was collared and then I woke up wherever this is.”

“What can you do?”

Alinis looked around and said, “I can help you improve this camp.”

“What do you know about camps?”

“More than you do, if what I am seeing is any indication. You haven’t set up the tents to face against the wind, dug trenches for run off or set up the latrine properly. All of that says that you aren’t very experienced with camps. Where is your water supply? Upstream of the latrine, I hope.”

The head servant called the head slave over and said, “Put this girl to work.”

The head slave looked at the girl and said, “Where did you come from?”

“I don’t know. I was on a ship and then I was here.”

“What can you do?”

“I can help you make this camp livable and keep people from getting sick.”

“You know camps?”

“My daddy runs a farm. We have harvest crews and camps. Sometimes there are problems. We have to know how to spot them and fix them before people get real sick and can’t work.”

“Where is this farm?”

“In the Empire.”

“Are the crews not slaves?”

“That doesn’t change the fact that if they get sick, we won’t get the work done. Slaves or not, having the crews get sick is bad.”

“I don’t have any practice setting up a camp, and we are all slaves here, so why don’t you show me what to do and we can do it.”

Nightblade spotted the new girl and looking closer, cursed. The idiots had collared Alinis Qinvaris and her father’s farm and shops were just up the road. If the idiots hurt the girl, they had better have a portal to half way around the world, because nothing else would save them from the Ghost and his rifle. He couldn’t avoid this now. He turned to Corporal Nightcloak and said, “I’m going to write two messages. Take the first one to the major at the Camp and then take the second one to House Qinvaris.”

The corporal was looking through his binoculars and said, “No kidding. What are you going to be doing?”

“Talking to some people and maybe convincing them to let the girl go and clear out, fast.”

Ornthalus and Tannator were having another bickering match with Haciathra when Ornthalus spotted the wolf walking out of the woods. He bellowed, “Stop! Who are you?!”

“Sergeant Nightblade, Republican Marines, and if you don’t listen to what I have to say, you are in a whole world of hurt. Somehow, and I don’t know how, you managed to get Alinis Harper here and collar her. Now I don’t know if you know who Richard Harper is, but there are some people in the world, that if you are smart, you don’t even think of doing something like collaring their daughter. If I were you, you would let me take the girl to her father and then you should clear out, and I mean very fast. My boss is already setting something up and I just sent a messenger to the Qinvaris telling them that I had seen their daughter and where she is. So you have until the messenger gets to the portal, ports to my boss, and then ports to House Qinvaris and gets to Richard Harper’s office and whatever time is takes for him to put something together to smash this place flat. Considering that this is an unarmed camp, that won’t take very much. If you are really smart and don’t already know, ask somebody about the Ghost. Somebody still alive, that is. I will return in a twentieth. If you are very lucky, he won’t be here faster than that.”

The wolf returned to the forest and Ornthalus said, “Haciathra, what was he talking about?”

“I was having the girl brought here, but I did not know that she had arrived.”

“I think that we should find the girl, quickly,” Tannator said. “I also think that we should make preparations for a rapid departure. This place is being watched and that means that our enemies know where we are. For that matter, that wolf knew who we were. Why was the girl taken?”

“I had her taken to exchange her for the treasure,” Haciathra said.

“The treasure you already had?”

“The events crossed over each other. I was going to change the deal to handing over the devise from the vault.”

Ornthalus looked around and said, “We are not set up for a defense outside the Center and if we retreat inside, we face power exhaustion in a brief time. We don’t even have the mana to port our stasis cases, let alone anything of significance. If we release the guardians, they are only fifty and most of those are not enhanced. We know that the Qinvaris have heavy weapons and we cannot power a shield generator. How good are they at one way ports?”

“I can’t say.”

“Tannator, go and get the oracle slave. She seems to have a handle on things.”
Tannator went and returned to the rest with the oracle slave. Ornthalus looked at her and said, “You seem to have a handle on what is going on? How good is our opposition with one way ports?”

“Jorge put a bear in the Darkmage’s quarters in the Imperial Palace. There are others in the Portal Service who are just as good. Jorge is the one that the Portal Service uses to handle Scourge devises when they need to be disposed of. He has probably handled more than any people ever and he hasn’t killed anyone.”

“So the Portal Service has people that are very good with one way ports.”


“How dangerous is Richard Harper?”

The girl stood there and Ornthalus repeated himself. The girl looked at him and said, “If I tell you, you will not believe me and I will be punished. I am only a slave, master.”

“Tell us true and we will accept what you say.”

“Richard Harper is probably the most dangerous man alive. He has the Qinvaris militia, I already told you about the TAVs, his brother commands the Republican Navy, his brother in law is the Prince of Hammer, he has a fae kingdom on his farms and the Emperor’s ear. There is nothing he cannot afford to buy and in one year he completely changed the Empire. The radiation lab is on his property and he has custody of all the Scourge devise cores not under control of the Project, including most or all of the cores fabricated by the Project ten years ago. There is a committee of elves that have trained their families to do what the guild does. I don’t know if there is a way to measure how dangerous Richard Harper is as an enemy. That is what I know.”

“Thank you,” Ornthalus said. “Go about your duties. You are very brave and told us the truth.”

The girl left and Ornthalus said, “And there it is.”

“You believe what she said,” Arafiel retorted.

“I do. She said what she thought was true, rather than what we wanted to hear.”

“That is all unbelievable. He is just a farmer, somebody to be ignored.”

“Haciathra?” Tannator said. “You have been awake the last three years. How much was this Richard Harper involved in the disasters that were inflicted on the Project.”

“He was involved in one fashion or another in most of them.”

Caifiel had been rummaging through a stasis case she had found, held up a small book and said, “They made a mistake! Here it was, in this case.”

“What, Caifiel?”

“The list of mana sources, with the keys. This was the one thing we needed.”

“Put it back, Caifiel,” Tannator said. “We need to find the girl and then figure out what to do. We will take the stasis case with us. Haciathra, find the girl.”

“Why me?”

“Because you can talk to the head servant and find her faster than we can.”

Haciathra went and returned with an elf girl wearing a collar. She looked at them and said, “You finally realized that I was here. Did you forget that I was coming?”

Haciathra raised her hands to give the girl a pain jolt and the girl said, “Do that and things get bad.”

“Why?” Tannator asked.

“If she zaps me, my bonded will feel a bit of it and he is at the House right now. So daddy will know that you are starting to torture me and he can Jump, that is if he feels that he needs to. Then you have the Ghost in the woods. There are only eight of you and he never misses when things are serious.”

“You know what we want.”

“To take over the world, I suspect. You have made a hash of it so far. You don’t know how many enemies this lady and her clowns have been making for you, including members of your own family.”

“That is rather harsh.”

“So is the murder of millions of people, spreading the Blight, using Inanimates to assault towns and making the Scourge all over again. You can see the consequences right here in the Empty lands. That doesn’t include Wongpo, the Two Scourged estates, the five cities and Luggergate. I don’t think that you have actually stood face to face with the things you have done. Have any of you seen a child killed at the borders of a Scourged area? Have you seen people still bearing the scars of starvation a century later? Have you seen what happens when a village is overrun by Inanimates? I don’t think you have. You all have been pursuing your Project, whatever it is, and haven’t looked at the harm you are doing to everyone else. They aren’t even real to you. You hide and let your children, placed under compulsion in that horrible school, commit the atrocities. I don’t know if you have seen the results from your cave. I am so glad that my ancestors have fought you and that we continue to fight you. Even if you kill me, that will not make any difference. In any case, I have said my piece and I need to get back to work, since you won’t help your own people set this camp up.”

“Is your father really the most dangerous man in the world?”

“I wouldn’t know. He’s my father. You, on the other hand, will find out.”

The Empty Lands.

Jorge had set up camp near the road portal so that he was convenient to the portal and not too far from the hidden base. He was going over a map and with Captain Dillings, making plans for the assault. If things remained the way they were, he was going to strike early the next morning. The Portal Service in Ishendell had some surprises that should trip things off and Dillings was going to sweep across the camp as the chaos started. He was just finishing up the brief when corporal Nightcloak appeared, handed him the message and said, “Do you want me to take the message on, sir?”

Jorge thought about it and said, “Do that, corporal. I’m not going to keep Richard in the dark.”

“Those poor fools. Of course, Alinis has already started to take over.”

“Tell Richard that.”

The corporal headed to the portal and Jorge turned to the captain. “Get mounted up. We’re going closer and if we can, grabbing Alinis before we go in.”

“That would be a Tim and Jimmy job.”

“We don’t have the boys, so we will do without. Let’s get moving.”

House Qinvaris.

Hagre took one look at the message that the corporal had handed him, rang Nightstream’s bell and when he appeared, said, “Take this to the Lord immediately. Corporal, if you would, wait here.”

Nightstream disappeared and returned with Lord and Lady Qinvaris, a fae couple and a young fae. Lord Qinvaris said, “How dug in are they, corporal?”

“Lord Qinvaris, your daughter started right in improving the camp, because they didn’t have a clue. Frankly collecting those poor sods, with the exception of the bosses, is doing them a favor.”

“Guards and pickets?”

“If there were any, we never saw them and they never saw us. There may be some inside, but there was nothing outside.”

“Ok, would you take Fire and some others to where you are set up? He’s nervous about what Alinis will get up to.”

“She already was. You may end up with some new people by the time this is over.”

“We can work with that.”

The Center.

Ornthalus looked at the others and said, “We’re leaving. Amaris, open the Captain’s stasis box, tell him to marshal the guardians and send them at the Camp though the portal. Arafiel, set the Scourge devise on the timer. We’ll leave when all the slaves are outside at dinner.”

Alinis was showing the cooks how to roast the pork on a barbecue when she noticed that the eight bosses had gone inside and closed the door. She looked around and said, “We need to go, I think.”

“Why?” the head slave asked.

“I don’t know what will happen, but if they have a Scourge devise under there, it could be a big mess and we want to be away from that.”

Alinis had barely gotten the evacuation started when the sergeant appeared with a squad and said, “Go ahead and eat, their boom won’t. We set up a Scourge suppressor.”

“Then join us, sergeant.”

“I think I will. Fire is going to be lucky when you and he join. That pork smells great.”

The eight went inside, Amaris opened the Captain’s stasis box and said, “Captain we need you to assault the Camp. Assemble your men and use the portal. The portal has been set up for your destination.”

“Yes, sir!”

“Very good.”

Arafiel set the timer on the Scourge devise, Ornthalus activated the portal, and the eight went through the portal, taking the stasis box with them.

The Empty Lands.

The captain and the first squad exited the portal, only to realize that they were in the middle of a company of men setting up. Looking down the barrels of fifty or so rifles, they dropped their Projectors and surrendered. The other squads did the same, as squad by squad, they exited the portal into the rifles of the grinning marines.
The Center.

Fireoak and the corporal came upon the party and grinning, joined in. The oracle slave fed another tidbit to the ferret and said, “I wonder what you are thinking, ferret. I wish that you could talk.”

“I can, Biwynn.

Biwynn looked at the ferret and said, “That was a nasty trick, ferret.”

The ferret transformed into a fae man in trueform and said, “I apologize. Of course we have two problems now.”

“What are they?”

“We have to get you tested and then you meet my family. I expect that yours has been lost to time.”

“Yes. All of us here have had to endure that.”

“Did you know?”

“I was at the oracle, and that meant that I had to be connected to the world. I told the others and shared when I could with the other oracle slaves.”

 “You never used your names in the presence of your bosses.”

“We were tools to them, which was stupid. The lady, for instance, never understood that we purchased food from the outside. I don’t think that she understood where the food we ate came from. She would go on her hunts and what we did was not important. The others were the same.”

“You were very brave, at the end.”

“I knew that things were coming to an end. They couldn’t see the forces dropping in on them, even when the power went out.”

“That was an accident, actually.”

“Was it really?”

“Yes. The bosses at the market were annoyed that a portal was glitching and slowing the traffic in and out of the Middle Mall, so they called in the Portal Service, who called in the Mana Service, who contacted the mage Academy, who sent the key to the source out to close the source and lock it. So you were suddenly cut off.”

Biwynn laughed. “That was right at the time when the Lady was preparing to celebrate her great victory and had just awakened the other seven.”

“Kidnapping Alinis is not a victory. It is stupidity. There is why.”

“Who is that?”

“Alinis’s father.”


Richard was whomped by his daughter who almost pushed him over as she hugged him. She stepped back and said, “You took your time. Fire’s been here for ages.”

“I was talking to Jorge when it was obvious that you had taken over. Are you going to take these people to Connak or do you want me to?”

“Isn’t that fast, daddy? Suppose I want them to work for me in the Republic.”

“That might be overwhelming.”

“By the way, daddy, tell Uncle Tom not to sink the ship.”

“What ship?”

“Daddy, you know what ship. In any case, the captain is stuck in the job, even if he doesn’t like it.”

“Bringing you here?”

“That was Haciathra. I’m going to talk to somebody about her when I get home.”

“Gertald is on the way with some trucks to take these folks to the Camp. Now that I think about it, these folks are Jomney’s property anyway.”

“Daddy, I knew that you could figure something out.”

The Empty Lands.

Jorge looked at his prisoners and sighed. The elves, he could use, if he could recruit them on the sly. He already had enhanced and could draw replacements. Waving, he started to order them rounded up and put in trucks when Jomney drove up and said, “What are you doing with my property.”

Jorge looked at Jomney and said, “Your property?”

“They are slaves, on my land and so, they are my property.”

He turned to the soldiers and said, “You boys aren’t going to give me any trouble, are you?”

“No master!” the captain said.

“Good, now form up and my son here will march you to your barracks.”

The soldiers formed up and marched off. Jomney said, “That fixes that. I’ll do the same thing with the folks from the underground.”

“I might want some of the smaller ones.”

“After the Flight Instructor and the others get done with them.”

“You wouldn’t.”

“I sure would. I need some guards around here, but they have to be good. I’m going to start them off right. Of course they will hate me pretty soon, but that’s all right. I figure in a year or so, none of them will call me master, if that long. Of course the girls will start grabbing them long before that and then we have a community.”

“I like it. It also frees me to work on my big job.”

“There was some of that in there too. Is Elmar in Ishendell? I’m going need somebody to open that place and deal with what is probably there.”

“A Scourge devise.”

“Yes. Of course that was just plain stupid and they should have known that.”

“I’ll get Elmar for you. I can get Urthock to defuse the thing, since Gatherer is at Milport.”

“I can pay both of them. I need to collect the rest of them before Alinis convinces Richard to make off with them.”

Jorge laughed as Jomney and his GP headed to the ancient facility.

The Base.

Haciathra looked at the others and said, “And now we are committed. The stasis cases are gone, destroyed.”

“I hope that they are destroyed, along with everything else,” Tannator said. “If they had a Scourge suppressor, they could prevent the devise from going off.”

“I doubt that they had the wherewithal to make Scourge suppressors, brother,” Arafiel said. “That would require discovering the facility that made them and restoring it or, reinventing the process all over again. Have you seen any sign that the Blasted lands were capable of doing such things, Haciathra?”

“It is difficult to pick certain things out. The other side is clever and has good spies. They also spread misinformation into the material that went into the oracle. The oracle slave would go off on tangents and did not necessarily stay focused on the important things. She would go on about boys with boats and fast airplanes, things that were trivial or irrelevant.”

“What kind of boats?”

“I wouldn’t know. The only reason that the boy came into our attention was that Harald gave him the vault.”

“Harald gave him the vault. This boy, whoever he is, has a Harald seeming and the Vault. Is there anything else we should know?”

“I would not know. There were a lot of strange things that went on. For instance, the Republic built a ship that launches rockets.”

“With bombs aboard?”

“With cameras, I think.”

“Do we still have the Eyes?”

“They are gone. The Republic destroyed them.”

“Where are Dúhael and the others?”

“At the Machinery. Osprey took them down there when the Citadel became indefensible.”

“What about the Dancers and Hunters,” Ameris asked.

“The Dancers were retrieved by family, I believe, with the exception of Arlayna. I do not know what happened to her.”

“I think that Dúhael and the others should be retrieved,” Ornthalus said. “We need more information from those at the point of the effort. As Haciathra said, we are committed. The good thing is that I believe that just about everything is in place. Let us spend the next time collecting the intelligence and put together a final plan. Then we can begin the final operations.”

“Was there any sign that the location of the Base was discovered?” Tannator asked.”

“Not as far as I know,” Haciathra said. “Even if they try to use the eyes, the Base is concealed, as are the remaining facilities.”

“Is there any way to check that?” Amaris asked.

“We are going to have to reestablish communications with the seemings and the oracles.”

“There are other oracles out there?”

“Yes. The Qinvaris were apparently looking for one, found the manufactory and started to produce them. The Imperial princess has been gifting them to various places around the world.”

“We took steps to restrict education and the collection of knowledge in the Empire,” Caifiel said. “What happened?”

“The Yllanan, the Beinans, the Nerihorns and the Qinvaris all started to dig up and retrieve libraries and build new ones.”

“What about the Inquisition confiscating and destroying books?”

“The Inquisition was taken over by a man who put the books in a repository rather than destroying them. Even before that happened, the Inquisition was using books as a discreet means of paying spies in the Fellowship. Then the Ravathyra were driven off the seas and libraries and books have proliferated.”

“I think that we need to take time and discover what has happened,” Tannator said. “That way we have a true picture of events.”

The Center.


Richard and the others grinned as the door flew open. Lights in hand, Urthok and Roger went inside and shortly afterwards came back out with huge grins. Urthok said, “Devise defused. They didn’t even bother to put any antitampering devices on it. So you can take the Primary to the lab for dismantling, Lord Qinvaris.”

“Thank you for your work, you two. Now we need to get the lights back on.”

“I can do that,” the engineer said. “Once Jomney obtained a valid connection to the Mana Service, all I have to do is turn things on again.”

“I’m not sure what I am going to do with a secret base,” Jomney said. “It’s a good thing that my kids aren’t a bit younger or they would turn it into some sort of play fort.”

“My boys will go through everything,” Greldug said. “This is the sort of thing in my business that people dream of. Of course what we mostly get is bits and pieces.”

Once the lights were on, the various slaves went inside and started to pack their things so that they could move them to the Camp. Before some husky men from the Camp packed up the oracle, Biwynn started up the devise, logged in and said, “Hello everybody! I can talk now. I am Biwynn at the Camp.”

She got a flurry of welcome messages that warmed her heart as she shut the devise down. At last, she could talk with her friends as she wished.

House Qinvaris.

Alinis activated Lyrei and said, “I’m back.”

Lyrei smiled and said, “Were you gone?”

“I was kidnapped again. This time by your family. Daddy talked to you about that, didn’t he?”

“Did you see them?”

“Yes. I was sent through a portal to their not so secret hideout where the mana had been cut off and they were borrowing camping equipment from Jomney. They didn’t even notice that all the equipment came from 2nd Army and the Republican Marines and that the cookers they had were Paeris’s fake Scourge devises. Of course, I had to take charge and get the camp set up right.”

“They let you do that?”

“They were sort of out of their depth and bickering amongst themselves over things. Since the important things were being ignored, I had to take over.”

“Since you are here, is it over?”

“They got away just before Major Tollings sent a squad in after Sergeant Nightblade showed up and told them that daddy was on the way. That scared them.”

“Were you telling stories about your father?”

“Not me. The oracle girl, Biwynn was. That was when they began to realize how much trouble they were in.”

“You didn’t say anything?”

“I may have told them off when Haciathra started to use a pain shock on me. She had completely forgotten to tell anyone that I was being sent there and didn’t know that I was at the base for several Twentieths. I could have walked right out if I had wanted to.”

“Why didn’t you?”

“Because I didn’t want the people to get sick if they were forced to camp out for a long time. So I made sure that the camp was set up right and showed the cooks how to cook on a barbecue.”

Richard came in, activated the other seemings and said, “I think that you all should know what can happen if you make Alinis mad. Fortunately, Ferret had a crystal set up to capture this.”

He started to play the crystal as Alinis pouted. “Daddy I hope that you haven’t played this for Fire.”

“I didn’t. Ferret did.”

“You certainly told them off,” Tassarian said. “All of that was accurate and probably frightened them more than a bit, not because of what you were saying, but how much you knew. You hauled a lot of their secrets out, and if you knew them, a lot of others did as well.”

“The young lady was brave as well,” Tamnaeth said. “Ferret is going to be a lucky fae.”

“I hadn’t noticed that,” Alinis said. “Of course, I wasn’t there for very long and I was busy.”

“Alinis, you do know that the goal is usually to make the enemy miserable,” Richard said.

“Daddy, they were doing fine with that all on their own. Haciathra was all set to present her great triumph, recovering Lyrei’s legacy, and then the lights went out.”

“Haciathra and the others recovered the legacy?” Lyrei asked. “That could be dangerous.”

“Tarranth and some others played games with that,” Richard said. “They arranged for the customs officer to steal it again. Most of it is still someplace in the Republic. I think that they have the stasis case that the boys arranged to fall off a truck.”

“The cat lady was pawing through it,” Alinis said. “I think that she found something she liked.”

“What was it?” Lyrei asked.

“A list of mana sources and keys. Of course I know my brother and the cat lady doesn’t. If she did, she wouldn’t trust a book that Tarranth arranged to fall into her lap. The list will probably have issues. Even if it doesn’t, we have the list too and know that it was important.”

“Be wary,” Tamnaeth said. “Now that they have been exposed, they are going to be more aggressive. They will feel that they do not have a choice.”

“We will be,” Richard said. “Alinis, your mother wants you for dinner before you and Fire Jump back to Chatsrey. So you will have to say good bye to your friends now.”

“Yes daddy.”

Alinis and Richard left and Lyrei and the others pinged the rest of the seemings. “Almost all has been exposed. The monsters have lost their hiding place.”

“That is good and bad,” Darthoridan said. “On the one hand, we will have far fewer restrictions now that most of it is known. On the other, the family will behave in their usual manner.”
“Alinis slapped them pretty hard.”
Lyrei said. “Ferret made a crystal.”

Lyrei blipped the crystal’s contents and the others laughed. “She was rather annoyed at them.” Tarranth said. “Of course they will not listen. They never have.”

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