The Great Dance, Chapter 49-50

Bill needs to deal with another library. Tad continues his deliveries

Chapter 49.


Jorge looked at the stacks of stasis cases, turned to Bill and said, “Now that you have it, what are you going to do with it?”

“That is an interesting question. I hadn’t planned to buy this and I really don’t have a place to put it. I could donate it to my library, but that would mean giving the game away.”

“Not necessarily. If you do donate it to your library, the librarians will sort it for you and that will save you time and money. You also don’t have to provide the space. You could arrange to have the radio consortium donate the books, without telling them that they were doing it.”

Bill grinned. “I like that idea, since they paid for them anyway. Let’s set things up and do it that way.”

“If you keep adding to the library, somebody is going to figure out where the books are coming from.”

“Hopefully it will be kept quiet until I graduate. A lot of it was luck.”

“I wouldn’t say that,” Bill’s father’s voice said.

Bill jumped, turned around and screeched, “What are you doing here, dad?”

“Seeing what I signed off on. I like the idea of donating it to the library, but I think that you should let the consortium know that you are doing it. They will probably surprise you and this is a true treasure.”

“We don’t even know what is in it yet.”

“We can discover that.”

Imizael looked at Tulgrunli and said, “How are they doing?”

“Very well. Geral has a good business and the family is well liked. All his boys and girls are married and the grandchildren are typical. I may have persuaded some of them to come up. The town is what you might expect from an oil and cattle town.”

“A good feeding ground for a spider.”

“The good news is that they have had one before and dealt with it. On the other hand, Marian Grant used to live nearby and knows the town. The town knows her, and I have a lot of stories that she would not have wanted spread around the Plateau. Her parents were in a car accident and one brother was the victim of the previous spider. The other brother was a driller and could still be working in the oil fields someplace.”

“Are you going back?”

“In a couple of five days with a team. Geral and the sheriff think that as long as things don’t seem to change very much, the spider will stay around. I will talk to Special Agent Stonecracker and set up a team that we can just drop into town. Geral has trucks and uses a lot of equipment, so we can hide things in that, and he does hire for big jobs. He’s putting the word out that he has one and put notices up.”

“So you and Geral are making preparations.”

“We are.”

Chapter 50.


Jorge joined Nathan and Yrvien as they waited for Tad. Several carts loaded with three crates and drawing tubes exited the portal, pushed by some rather large types and followed by Tad and two elves. Tad grinned and said, “You were waiting for me. Ok, this cart is for Diligent. It can stay here until we get back. The others are for Zirgoccol, Hammerfall and Bighagh. The crates are from grandfather for the Consul, the king and the Orcenchief.”

“Why the wine?” Jorge asked.

“They are diplomatic gifts. I used the portal yesterday, so I didn’t have any snoopy customs types, but grandfather remembered the mess over Bill’s wine and wanted to make sure that if we attracted some snoops, they would see the wine and not the rest of it.”

“In a Republican navy plane?” Nathan asked.

“In an Umevan plane. There’s one ready for us. Grandfather made the arrangements last night. Can you fly a Beinan plane?”

Nathan and Yrvien grinned. “We can do that.” “Let’s go, then.”

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