The Great Dance, Chapter 41-42

Osprey makes a pick up. Faghig and Jreghug get an assignment.

Chapter 41.


Captain Ravathyra looked out over the water as the ship came to a stop and the anchor dropped into the water. He turned to listen as the pilot said, “I am surprised that you are here, captain.”

Ravathyra laughed. “So am I. There was a slip up and a load that was supposed to board at Racketgarde was late. The shipper didn’t want to wait for the next ship, so we were diverted here and the load will be lightered aboard. Hopefully they won’t slack.”

“It doesn’t look like it. There’s a tug and lighter now. Not much of a load.”

“Just a truckload of equipment from Chatsrey. Delicate, so we are going to have to handle it carefully.”

“I will let you at it then.”

The lighter came alongside, the pallets were taken aboard and stored in the small hold. The ship turned to leave port before all the crates were placed in the hold and the work was done slowly. The pilot had left before the last crate was stowed and the hatch cover replaced. Ravathyra watched the pilot boat leave as the last crate was opened and its precious cargo was taken below.

Chapter 42.


Dumag grinned as Faghig and Jreghug came into his office. “Gentlemen, I have a task for you.”

“What is it, Champion?” Faghig said.

“A matter has come to my attention and recently my family has had some bad experience with the same problem. I want you to collect the information they have and assist them if you can.”

“A contract in the Republic, Champion?”

“Yes. I know that this is unusual, but I feel that my family can take advantage of your talents. Do you accept?”

Faghig looked at Jreghug, who shrugged, turned and said, “What is involved?”

“This involves a Transformed called the spider. Recently a spider consumed one of my nephews, and as you can imagine, my great aunt is rather annoyed. She is slightly less annoyed that my grandfather and great uncle, in spite of their great talents in mayhem, have not managed to remove the spider from this existence. I also have a string of old cases here in the Orcenlands and related cases in the Fellowship and the Kingdom of another spider consuming various men. So I want you to go to the Republic, get what my family has and potentially see if you can see the spider in action. If you should provide assistance that helps deal with the spider, you can expect a rather large bonus.”

The pair grinned. Jreghug said, “We’re in. Is there anything else we should know?”

“My family is from Ironton and Jorge is attending college there right now. I will probably regret this, but there may be opportunities to work with him again.”

The grins got bigger. “We haven’t had a chance to do that for some time.”

“It’s better than that. Most of my relatives could give Jorge a run for his money. Go and collect the brief and put things together.”

The pair left and Stormfire came in. “Where are you sending those two?”

“To my family in Ironton on a spider hunt.”

“Are you sure that is a good idea?”

“Absolutely not.  But they get to use their skills and won’t get bored. If we’re lucky, some ladies from my family will tie them down and things will become more peaceful here.”

“I think that the Orcenchief will appreciate that.”

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