The Kraken and The Dark Sea, Chapter 85 and The End of The Book.

Kraken gets a surprise.

Chapter 85.


Captain Allaires looked at Diligent through the periscope and frowned. Kraken had found the ship a five day before and even if the ship did not know that they might be watching them, Diligent was making it difficult to strike, merely by staying in the shallow water along the coast, which they were doing for some reason. Since the water was too shallow for Kraken to remain at depth, a strike was not possible. Now the ship had wandered out into deeper water, at least on the ocean side. The captain turned to the control room and said, “Prepare to surface, we strike!”

RNS Diligent

Roger grinned as he could see the bubbles of the surfacing sub. It was coming in the same way it had before. The ship was already at stations and they had been masking a rather nasty surprise for five day that was turning to face the direction that the sub was approaching. Roger watched the towed array being drawn in, and as soon as it was out of the water he tripped the intercom, “Full astern, Left full rudder. Main gun ready!”

The bow of the sub emerged from the water and the gun fired, punching a hole in the bow of the sub. The sub continued to rise out of the water and the gun fired again hitting the fin sticking out of the back of the sub. The sub continued to surface as Diligent backed away, firing shot after shot. Roger wasn’t sure if the two ships would collide, but this time, Kraken seemed stunned and had not fired.

SS- 21, (Bluefin)  

Jacob grinned as Diligent swung slowly out of the way of Bluefin. Diligent had warned of the sub’s approach and then handled herself as well as only a ship crewed by seafolk growing up on boats could, sails luffed and moving backwards, swinging out of Bluefin’s way and into the path of the surfacing sub. Jacob tripped the intercom and said, “Tube one, ready to fire.”


A loud clang signaled yet another hit as Captain Allaires worked at the bridge hatch. The periscopes had been disabled and the forward torpedo room was taking water as red lights lit up in the control room. Diligent had apparently maneuvered in front of them and Allaires needed to see the situation fast. The bridge hatch sprung open and he climbed onto the bridge, looking over the edge to the visible Diligent, guns pointed in their direction. Another shot, a miss this time, flew past and Katar, who had climbed up behind Allaires tapped his shoulder and said, “Starboard, captain!”
 Allaires turned to look starboard and there, two hundred yards away, bow pointed directly at Kraken was a Republican sub, deck gun manned and ready. A voice called out over a loud speaker, “Hostile submarine, surrender immediately or I will sink you!”

Allaires tripped the intercom and yelled, “Evacuate the boat! Evacuate Immediately!”

Crew started to pile out of the escape hatches and the bridge hatch and looking at the guns covering them, put their hands over their heads as the sub, flooding by the bows, slowly sank beneath them.

The Arsenal, Cleadsgate

Tom was in the map room, anxiously awaiting word as the situation developed. He turned as a grinning Peble said, “Captain Pinch did it again. The sub is on the bottom, at least until some people change that.”


“Five didn’t get out of the sub. They were not seafolk. No casualties on our side. Lieutenant Seachaser was shooting as they surfaced and the sub never got a shot off.”

Send to Bluefin and Diligent, “Well Done!”
The Sanctum.

Roger looked at the picture, taken of the starboard bridge door with the painted symbol of a sunken submarine, surrounded by Roger and smiling crew, and the cover that Tim had given him sitting beside it. The rest of the commission would probably be relatively tame in comparison. He sighed and turned to leave, putting his more conventional cover on. Going down to his cabin, he prepared to go ashore until there was a knock on the door. He opened the door and Eirina, smiling was there. “Why so morose, snake slayer?”
“Just thinking that the rest of the voyage is going to be rather dull.”

“We can change that. Rod and Elirith warmed up that cave for us, you have a five day leave coming and Rod and Elirith say that the water is fine. So you and I are going to the cave after the party this evening and slaying a snake, for good.”

“Are you sure?”

“I don’t think that I have ever been more sure of anything in my life and I think in that past I can’t remember, I made a terrible mistake. This time I will not let that happen and I had to watch ashore as you slew the monster. So, let us go.”

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