The Kraken and The Dark Sea, Chapter 9-10

Jorge and Rob pull a switch. The radio industry gets a surprise.

Chapter 9.

Rob looked at the set up, turned to Jorge and said, “I hope this works.”

“We have the portal set to divert the Primaries here, the destination portal and the empty Primaries. They should have thought about the fact that you could make more without cores, since they came from your shop.”

“What if they Scourge that place they have?”
“You can ask the major about that. I’m just your portal representative, making this work.”

“When is Jorge going in?”

“Tomorrow. Somebody must be nervous. We have our first customer.”

A cart with five Primaries emerged from the portal. As the cart rolled to a stop, people from Nat’s team and the Portal Service leapt onto the cart, all five Primaries were lifted and transferred to a truck as five ersatz Primaries replaced them and the cart was sent on its way through another portal. A second cart emerged and the same thing happened. Cart after cart came through the portal, had the Primaries switched and left through the other portal.

Jorge came in and said, “Jorge, Hal is porting us in using the big portal. We’re moving things up.”

He left again and Jorge and Rob watched the Primaries appear and get exchanged. Jorge looked at his watch, at the things set up at the portals and said, “My turn in Five hundredths. Why did you bring Tim?”

“Afraid of giving ideas away?”
“I had nothing to do with that dog that appeared at graduation.”

“I didn’t say that you did. Tim isn’t here for that. I have to be up at the Conclave tomorrow and then we are visiting the Timberlands and your place.”
“It’s time and I need to get to work.”

The Hideaway

Blackfire was watching Primaries being sent through the portal when the portal in front of him suddenly activated and a large cart exited spreading noise and small explosions. The air was suddenly filled with noxious substances as balls dropped and burst, filling the spaces with a foul stench and a sticky mess. Blackfire bellowed “Everyone to the secondary portal! We’re leaving!”

Blackfire watched as the loom and a complaining Seriellia exited through the portal. Mórsairon appeared and said, “There are invaders out front!”

“Can the guards handle them?”

“They are gone already. The invaders are working at the door.”

“Did you close the stable door?”
“It’s shut and locked.”
“Then we have a bit of time. We must take advantage of that.”
Dúhael stalked up and said, “What’s going on?”

“What about the Primaries?”
Black fire looked at the mess surrounding them and said, “Leave them. We can’t extract them before they get through the doors.”

Cajoling and pushing Blackfire got Dúhael through the portal, had some people sweep for any stragglers and got them and Mórsairon through the portal. He took one last look as the door blew open and exited through the portal.

Elmar looked at the ruined door, at the mess, turned to Jorge and said, “Things worked the way you wanted.”

“We were rushed a bit.”

“So were they. They left twenty Primaries behind.”

“Pity we didn’t get the lot.”

Jorge grinned. Elmar looked at him and said, “What did you do, Major?”
“Me? I didn’t do anything. On the other hand, some folk have forgotten something rather important.”

“That being?”
“Who actually controls the portals.”

“Now comes the hard part.”

“That is?”

“Cleaning up the mess.”

 “Do the Umevan own this place?”
“If they did, we could have Jorge do it.”

Chapter 10.


Galor Ironsmith looked at his brother’s letter and sighed. It had been almost a moon since the Science Faire and only now did his brother send the pictures. Almost inevitably the pictures had surfboards in them. Ed went on endlessly about using glass fiber and foam covered in glue to make a light board. Apparently he and his friends had spent most of the last moon in the boys’ shop making surfboards and crashing them at the Point. Galor looked at the science faire pictures again and at the signs that Bill Wavechaser had made. Then he looked more closely. The abstract designs were not just to demonstrate making the signs. They were circuits printed on to the boards somehow. The boards had copper glued to them. There was a radio receiver, ignored, at the end of the booth and Galor took out his magnifying glass. Instead of a chassis, the base had a board on a wooden base. If the receiver worked, and it almost certainly did, Chatsrey radio and just about everyone in the business were in big trouble. Galor put the picture down and called patents. “Milgar, have there been any patents issued to Bill Wavechaser?”
 “The Solid state patents haven’t been released yet. Legal is fighting, but it’s hopeless and I think that they will be released by the end of the moon.”

“Check and see if he has any other patents pending.”
“Just do it.”

Galor got back to work and two twentieths later Milgar called back. “Mr. Wavechaser and a friend applied for three patents about six moons ago, one jointly and two by Mr. Wavechaser individually. They involve adding glass fiber to thermoset resin to create strength members, laminating copper boards made of said material and printing and etching of copper on laminated boards. All three have been approved, no assignment or licensee. I’ll get them sent to your office. What’s so special about this?”

“The boy made a receiver using the material. I need to see the boss.”

Galor picked up the picture, went to the head of engineering, Jon Axeforger and said, “Boss we have a problem.”

“What is it?”
“Since my brother lives down there, I had him check and see if Bill Wavechaser did anything at his school’s science faire. He did. I don’t know where he got the idea of adding glass fiber to thermoset resin, but he did. He then laminated copper to a board made from the stuff. Once he had laminated boards, he printed circuits on the copper and etched them.”

“Does that work?”
“I don’t know. He built a receiver using the method. Presumably it works.”
“Has he applied for a patent?”
“Three, all approved.”

 Axeforger put his head in his hands. After a hundredth, he looked at Galor and said, “Assigned to Beinan’s?”
“No assignee.”

“That’s one piece of good news. How easy would it be to make receivers using this?”
“He made one. My brother and his surfer friends have been working in Wavechaser’s partner’s shop making surfboards with the technique. They are very pleased with themselves.”

“We know that Wavechaser has contacts in Racketgarde. If he pursues this and even just makes the boards for someone, we could be flooded with cheap receivers that would drive us and anyone else out of the market. We’re going to have to take this upstairs.”
Calak looked at his employees and said, “Wavechaser could do what?”
“Put us, and most of the business out of the business in six moons,” Axeforger said.

“The patents for the solid state components haven’t been approved.”
“Wavechaser snuck one past everyone. While we were looking at the diodes, he was playing with glass fiberboard.”
“Glass fiberboard?”


“You two put together a presentation for everyone. We can meet first thing in the morning.”

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