The Return of The Silverin, Chapter 53-54

George looked at the boy in front of him and said, “You want me to do what?”
“I thought I was clear. I want to have one of your people drive me around certain sections of the city looking for a boom.”

Chapter 53.


George looked at the boy in front of him and said, “You want me to do what?”
“I thought I was clear. I want to have one of your people drive me around certain sections of the city looking for a boom.”

“We have people looking for a boom. So far, we haven’t found one. My boss doesn’t think that there is one.”

“My boss thinks that there is, and sent me to look for it.”

“Why you?”

“Because your boss doesn’t like my boss and if he spots one of my boss’s people that he knows, he’s going to raise a stink.”

“What happens if you find the thing?”
“I make a call, a truck shows up, the thing disappears and the Deadlands gets another boom.”

“That could be considered destroying evidence.”

“With these things, making them go boom where they are safe is safest thing to do.”

“Unfortunately, I don’t have somebody to send with you. My boss was stretched and is using my people to fill holes. Worse, if my boss finds out that you are poking around, you will be arrested and if you do find the thing, he’s going to take site command. Also, your boss is not to show his face in the city.”

“Is your boss that stupid?”
“He carries a grudge over Rob taking over a site and being right.”

“Senior Agent, this isn’t a typical bomb. It isn’t even a truck bomb. If this thing goes off, the city dies. I’ve seen the dead cities. I’ll leave the general brief. If you want more, Defuser is in Billingston.”

“What is your name, son?”

“Tim Wavechaser.”

“A bit young for the navy.”
“I’m a sand rat and I started young in a very bad place.”

“Tell Rob that I will see what I can do, but my boss is determined to maintain his jurisdiction.”

“We know. Rob has been trying to call for a five day and all he gets is the “Senior Agent is not available, leave a message.” That is top level stupid.”

“How certain are you that there is a devise in the city?”
“Some middies did some looking and certain yacht visited some places. At all the places, we found booms and removed them. So, we are looking at an 80 percent chance that there is a boom in the city and a very good chance that the thing has a can and is rigged.”

“Has a can?”
“The Primary is inside a Scourge devise can. The Primary by itself is a big boom. The Scourge kills everything in a ten mile circle.”

“Tell Rob that I will do what I can.”

“I will.”

The boy left and George went to the Senior Agent’s office. “Chief, I want to pull my people, set them looking for a devise and send someone to navy and get the detectors and other equipment.”
Ironcutter looked at him and said, “We have other priorities, Senior Agent Tillings. That is unless you have something more.”
“A young man came into my office. He has apparently been working with naval ordnance and they are 80 percent certain that there is a devise in the city.”
“You believed him.”
“Chief, it was the way he spoke and looked. It was if he had seen the things go off in the five cities because he was there. He said that he had been to the cities and frankly, I believe him.”

“You said that you could handle a devise if found.”

“Probably. I had the feeling that the young man thought that probably didn’t count when you were handling the devises.”

“If the devise is here, the devise is here. If we haven’t found it, it can’t be that dangerous, since we are not all dead.”
“Do I get my people?”

“Not unless the devise is discovered or another boom shows up.”

“Also, I want you here and ready if the waterfront types put together a boom.”

“Yes, chief.”
George went back to his office and called his wife. “Vera, when the kids get home from school, I want you to take them and go to your mother’s.”

“What’s wrong, George?”
“The chief is possibly making a big mistake and I was just told that there is an 80 percent chance that one of the things that killed the five cities is here in the city. I can’t leave, but I want you and the kids out of the city.”

“That sounds serious, dear.”
“It could be. I’ll hang up now. I love you.”

The trucker maneuvering the tractor trailor through the tight streets didn’t even notice that the truck had struck the corner of the garage slightly. The building shook and the rusty screws on the hasp came loose, with the hasp falling open. The garage had been a mystery for the kids in the neighborhood for a long time and after about two twentieths, two of them started to poke at the door.

Chapter 54.

The Imperial Palace.

Narbeth looked at the smiling Galan and said, “Why are you smiling?”
“A House has been restored and paid the tax.”

“Which House is that?”
“House Silverin.”

“My wife’s efforts have succeeded then. Is young Tad taking the ring?”
“His grandfather has taken the ring.”

“Apparently he was drawn out of the winery. I do hope that Fallingwater’s quality will not suffer.”

“That would cause a large degree of disappointment in some circles.”

“I believe it would. Anyway, prepare a letter of congratulations and make sure that there is a seat in the Conclave for House Silverin. I imagine that my wife is on top of things.”

“She has some ladies visiting right now.”

Itireae smiled as Faylen let Filia and Aelua into her parlor. “You have done it!”

“Yes we have,” Aelua said. “Of course it took a lot to get my husband out of his shell.”
“What managed it?”
“He went to the Sanctuary and met some people that were friendly and he realized that there was a world outside the winery. Then Stadlee and some others needed him to wear the ring and persuade some family that had been captured by the dark. So he went and did that. Then he returned to the winery. I think that he will stay there unless we can start another on the old Silverin lands.”

“He is the latest of a long line of masters at the Fallingwater winery.”
“He is, but there are other things now.”
“So now what will you do?”
“I would like to have something that announces the family’s return,” Filia said. Either in the Imperial Park or the Residence. I think that the park in front of the Residence would be more appropriate, with Airdan and Iliythe.”

“A formal announcement of intentions?”
“Yes. That would be between you and Aurae. I think that Tad and Immianthe are still too young for any formalities.”

“Immianthe has been doing rather inappropriate things for a princess of late.”

“I had nothing to do with that. Tad was asked to talk to the various people for the training and there they were, taking the others through the training.”

“At least Immianthe is making friends from far away places. Considering her future role, that will be important. Certainly my friends in the Fellowship have been useful. Why were the girl and the boys sent here? Immianthe hasn’t said.”

“Susan and Swifty met when Susan ran away from home, looking for Jorge. She was upset that Lord Fylson had taken her family off a customer list. So she went looking for Jorge and some bad people were trying to take her to be “groomed.” Swifty rescued her and Shael and the girl’s mother thought that the boys and Susan coming here for a while would mess things up for some folk. So they sent them here.”

“Another Jorge scheme, then.”
“I think it was milady rather than the Lord. Shael went and discussed the situation with the girl’s mother when she took the girl home.”
“Why not turn the girl over to the authorities?”
“I don’t know. I do know that many of the authorities in the Republic are inept or corrupt.”

“That is your spat with the persecutor talking.”

“Somewhat. But there were deeper problems. The folk that were supposed to protect the poor and weak were preying on others and the folk in charge had separated themselves from the normal working folk.”
“Like the Cloud City?”
“Yes, but the turmoils forced change here.”
“How do you know?”

“I did my time in the houses and many of the ladies did not return, so they found True on the estates.”
“They could have been killed or fell to illness.”

“Some did, but certainly not all. The one child rule created strange relationships.”

“It did not do what my mother in law intended because she did not understand that the extra children would be hidden on the estate or that the Lords would share blood with mortal mistresses and have more children, children that have proven to be able indeed.”

“I would say so.”

“You have not said anything, Aurae. Why not?”
“I was just enjoying the victory. Of course some people are going to get annoyed that my husband will have to give up the winery somewhat. On the other hand my son and Keerla’s aunt get along very well, so he has somebody at last. So we move forward.”

Itireae laughed. “That is the only way.”

The Hideaway

Dúhael came into Mórsairon’s office and said, “I think that we are prepared for a rapid exit.”

“We haven’t seen anyone looking into the Hideaway.”

“That bothers me somewhat. Our enemies know where it is, and certainly have maps made from the eyes. They must know that we are planning to evacuate. Yet we have seen nothing out of place here or in the orcenlands.”

“Moving a military force through Clan Ironhead territory to get to us would be difficult.” “They got you. Our adversaries are not fools and they are planning something.

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