The Return of the Silverin, Chapter 45-46

Sarya gets an invitation. Some spies are worried.

Chapter 45.


Sarya looked at Bill as he delivered the morning report and said, “Why are you smiling?”

“We are having another royal visit.”
“Who is it this time?”
“Prince Vindica and Princess Holly of Astua with Sarya Dawkins.”

Sarya joined Bill in his smile. “Why are they coming here?”
“That is a bit of a mystery. The bad new is that we have Haral and Varal coming with them and some servants that seem to come from the Justiciars.”

“So, there is some sort of thing going on. I wonder if Sarya and Vindy know about our two characters.”

“Vindy’s mother probably sent them.”

“Does the consulate know?”
“I will make sure that they do.”
‘I think that we can take it that the servants are of the same character. I wonder who the target is.”
“Bob Harper has reinstated his son’s and your nephew’s Federal Service status.”

“He must have done that for a reason. Anything else?”
“You have an invitation to dinner from Marian Ironforge. The party is in two five days.”

“What has Al said?”
“He is willing. The Senator is ill, and the lady’s son was murdered under mysterious circumstances.”

“The spider lady.”

“Yes. We never did see any sign of an intelligence operation and the death was convenient for the lady.”

“I think that I will go. What is the latest on Miss Gilders?”

“The FSA is looking, rather stupidly, the boy has vanished as has the girl. On the other hand, Miss Biqen went to the Plateau with the girl and returned to Ironton with her. They managed to evade the FSA rather handily. I have some connections on the railroad who knew who they were.”
“They did not turn them in?”
“Outgoing, it was obvious that Miss Biqen was taking the girl to her mother and in the other direction, they knew that some sort of arrangement had been made.”
“So Klara knows that her daughter is fine, but sent her away with Shael, the last one that anyone would think would be involved. There is more here. See what you can find.”

Bill grinned. “I would do that anyway. The next items are the booms on the river. Captain Bronzerock has been giving lectures on Scourge devises while doing his usual clean up.”

“Why the sudden need for cleanup?”
“A barge struck something in the river right in front of the mayor unveiling a new statue. The boom was seen by hundreds of people and made the press. So there was need for a clean up.”
“Who owned the barge?”
“The Bronzerock Company.”


Gordy looked at the cop and wanted to scream. This was the third attempt at a collection and all three had had problems. The girls had gotten off and then somebody would show up, the railroad would have somebody on the platform, or now, the cop. Walking toward the el, he made a slashing move with his hand. The problem is that the club of first tasters were getting impatient and the failure with the girl from the Plateau had been costly. He needed new meat and soon.

Durlan watched the Gordy fail yet again. He grinned as Keiran, dressed as a cop, walked over swinging his nightstick after pointing the girl to the local sisters’ convent. They couldn’t solve the girls’ problems, but they could keep them from the likes of Gordy.  

Tom grinned as Sarya emerged from the airline terminal with Vindy and the others. He waved to the cars, Sarya marched over and said, “You look like you have been having fun.”
“Somewhat. Miss Gilders and a dragonkin boy lit some things up. That’s why I wanted you. A certain procurer is probably getting desperate.”

“Why is he important?”
“He isn’t. But his connections are. When Susan ran off to see Jorge, somebody wanted her ruined and we had a case of pimps being connected to the Plateau. Get in and we will go over this.”
The warehouse had stood with boarded up windows and locked doors, ignored for years. Quietly a boat appeared on the waterside dock. Some figures got off and the boat backed away. A door opened in the dark and a bit later the crane rails were carrying a hoist that gently lowered something into the boat. The door was closed and the boat retreated into the night. The city was having its local upper school science faire and Rob had brought the midshipmen and the cadets, along with the Scourge devise campaign. Joe walked up and said, “That’s three.”

The Lower City.

Swifty looked out the bus windows, turned to Susan and the boys. “We’re in trouble.”

Dalia was waiting at the door and said, “What were you thinking, young man?”

“I wanted Suzy out of that Fed’s sight, Mrs. Umevan.”
“It was handled. Special Agent Tallings wouldn’t have made a stink and we have Suzie’s mother’s permission in writing. Now, Susan, what kind of girl are you?”
“What do you mean, Mrs. Umevan?”
“There you were at the Innshys market with the Sanctuary middle mall one free port away and you did not stop to shop?”

“I bought a crystal.”
“So, you took pictures. Did you all have a good trip?”
“Yes we did,” Swifty said. “We’re worn out a bit.”

“No you are not, but you will be. Now march.”

 Grysieg and Firefox laughed. Dalia turned on them and said, “Boys, I have bad news. You two have just been drafted to take the training session with the rest of them.”

“Who did that, and what training are you talking about?”

“Your boss, and you will find out. It won’t hurt you too much. I understand that there was some whining about an easy test. This will fix that.”

Chapter 46.


With a messenger bag and street kid clothes, Aldy was acting as yet another messenger boy as he watched the building where the mysterious people still had their headquarters. So far the Justiciar boys had been successful in planting microportals on three of them. They also had quite a bit of information, after using sense strings on the windows from the flophouse that was conveniently across the street and catered to young messenger and newsboys. Saevel hadn’t been allowed to play, but he had another role and he was ready with his motorbike to act as the sloppy snatch and grab artist.
So far it had been difficult to figure these characters out. They were obviously collecting information for somebody and sending it through the small portal they had.  The question was what and why. Aldy had watched them use their small portal and put it away. Tonight they were going to break in and run a scan on the portal.

Geral  turned to Haral and said, “I’m worried about that break in.”
“The character went on the lam. I think he was in trouble before he hit the Stewards.”

“He didn’t take anything.”
“He never got the chance. That cart made noise and he scrammed.”

“Down and out the front door. He was a dragon. Why not up and out the roof? And why transform inside? For that matter, he had been cracking places for a long time. Why did he bring his license when he wasn’t going to be driving?”

“Geral, now you are starting to make me nervous. Do want us to pull out?”
“That’s a problem. At least the Stewards are gone.”

“That’s only a good thing. We haven’t seen a sign of a cop or fed since.”
“What about the dragonmaster. Suppose that character was working for his uncle and he hit the Stewards looking for stuff about them.”

“Now you are starting to make me very nervous. Start a pullout plan. I think that we have been here too long.”

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