The Return of The Silverin, Chapter 43-44

Khatar grouses at Tad. Swifty and Susan go on a trip.

Chapter 43.

The Sanctuary.

Khatar appeared when Tad opened the door. “You have been neglecting things here, Youngling. Prancing around with your princess?”
“I was helping the weather people here at the Sanctuary.”
“How so?”
“My grandfather uses the weather reports from here to plan his planting and so forth. He came to collect the report and I was with him when we went to the weather service office. The people in the weather service mentioned that the surface stations that they had set up long ago had all been shutdown. I looked into it and they were on Lord Qinvaris’s farms. So grandfather and I went to see Lord Qinvaris and see what we could do to get the surface stations back. Then I had to deal with the not a lady, find the surface stations, see what was needed to fix them, get them set up and arrange for some kids to take care of them with my friends at the estate helping.”

“The Qinvaris farms are not that large. They shouldn’t have more than two or three surface stations.”

“There were more than that. I still need to find some of the others.”

“That was a worthy project. I approve. What is the not a lady?”
“That is Eletha Harper. She says she is not a lady. I’m not going to argue with her. Nobody does.”

“Is your grandfather a farmer?”
“My grandfather makes wine. He is very good at it.”

“That explains the weather report. He is probably concerned about climate.”

“Yes he is. He works very hard.”

“What does your father do? You have not said very much about him.”
“He is a slave on the estate. He is responsible for machines and things.”

“What kind of machines?”
“I can’t really talk about it. The big thing is the dam and the electricity.”

“How large a dam?”
“I don’t know, because I haven’t seen the other big dams yet. The entire estate has electricity.”

“That sounds like a very large job for a slave.”
“Actually he isn’t a slave anymore as the Lord’s grandfather emancipated him. Mother didn’t want to be emancipated.”

“Why not?”

“Why don’t we get to work and I will tell you.”

“Where is your princess today?”
“Setting a class up for Shael. She is going and talking to the teachers and setting it up.”
“That seems like a strange thing for a princess to do.”
“We started it with her cousins and brother, so she knows how to set it all up fairly quickly. I need to finish this and the kids are arriving from the Republic, so she is doing it.”

“I have the feeling that I am going to lose you again.”
Tad grinned. “You won’t come out and I don’t live here, so if I need to do something else, I won’t be here.”

“You are getting pushy, youngling.”

Chapter 44.

 Special Agent Tallings had figured that the kids would be sent to the estate using the airport portal, so he had stationed himself so that he would get a good view of the girl before she ported out. About the time that the children were due to arrive, a half elf girl dressed as if she was Mortal Kingdom nobility, a young man dressed the same way, along with another young lady and two men that were probably guards and some servants hauling luggage emerged from the portal. The group marched up to the checkin counter to buy tickets. An argument started over passports and Princess Immianthe and her two guards also emerged from the portal. Immianthe spotted the other girls and they started to chat. Rosie appeared and said, “I caught you.”
Gerald smiled. Trying to befuddle me again?”
“Actually, I want to take you up to the estate. My mother wants us to dinner.”
“That is a surprise. I need to see something and then we can port up.”

The kids appeared and one of them took one look at Gerald, grabbed the girl charged up to the portal, pressed the last port button and went through. Mrs. Umevan came in and said, “What happened?”

As Rosie and Gerald started to explain, an elf walked up to the portal, punched a code and used it. Gerald cursed and said, “That’s torn it. Mrs. Umevan, was that girl Susan Gilders?”

“Yes it was, and we have permission from her mother. I do hope that you will not report that to your bosses. There are reasons.”
“What are they?”
“Susan was almost the victim of a collection ring in Chatsrey after running away from home. The FSA started to pursue a young boy who had rescued her and accuse him of kidnapping. Both the FSA and the collection ring were in close proximity to each other and the FSA special agents ignored the collection ring. The rumor was that the ring had heavy cover from the Plateau. Shael and the girl’s mother wanted to have the girl as well as the boy out of any potential conflict until the matter was resolved, so the girl, along with the boys, are getting some training and a taste of the Empire.”

“Can you prove that you have the mother’s permission?”

Dalia handed the Special Agent a letter under Klara Gilder’s letterhead stating that Shael Biqen and associates were to take Susan Gilders to the Empire for training. Gerald looked at it and said, “Rosie was supposed to distract me again wasn’t she?”

“Yes she was. Of course her mother does want to know why she keeps coming back here.”

Immianthe walked up and said, “Here are the boys, where is the girl?”

“Where were you when you ported in, princess,” Dalia said. “Was it the Residence or the palace, hopefully?”

“Innshys. I spoke with Tad and came down from the Sanctuary. Why?”

“Swifty saw Gerald and overreacted, taking Susan and porting out, using the last port button.”

“Why did he do that?”
“The FSA and some others were after him after he rescued Susan. So when he saw Gerald, he reacted.”

“I wasn’t trying to take the girl,” Gerald said. “I was just trying to see if it was her.”
“I know and if things weren’t a mess, it wouldn’t matter. But Swifty has been wound up with FSA and gangster’s chasing him for over a five day now, so it isn’t a surprise that he did what he did. Immianthe, let’s get the boys to the estate and I will track Swifty and Susan down.”

Immianthe grinned. “If they go to the Sanctuary, that boy is in trouble.”

“The girl will want to shop forever.”


Swifty let go of Suzy as soon as they exited the portal. She turned on him and said, “Why did you do that?!”
“That was a FSA man. I didn’t want him to see you closely.”
“Dalia had mother’s letter. We would have been fine. Where are we? Other than what looks like a wonderful place to shop, that is?”

Swifty looked around and saw a sign. “We’re in Innshys. I’ve never heard of this place, have you?”
“No. How do we get back?”
“We need a portal key and the code for the airport. How much money do you have?”
“Two hunded silvers.”

“Rich girl. I have fifty. We are going to have to watch what we spend. There is a sign that says busses over there. Maybe we can use the bus?”

“Who are those two boys? They have uniforms and one looks scaly, like you.”

“They are about our age and heading in the direction we want to go. So why don’t we ask?”

Gryseig turned to Foxfire and said, “We were robbed.”

“I know. Innshys to the Lower City. We won’t even be short and need to rent horses. We’ll be laughed at for having the easiest final test ever.”

“We could look for passengers?”

“That takes time. That is the one thing we don’t have.”

A girl and a boy that was scaly, but didn’t seem to be a dragon walked up and the girl said, “Who are you with?”
Grysieg smiled and said, “The Post Service, can we help you?”

“Swifty here made a mistake with the portal and got us lost. We don’t know exactly where we are or how to get where we are supposed to.”
“Where are you supposed to go?”
“The Umevan estate.”
“That is a long way if you take the bus. The House does have a shop in the Lower City.”


“Can you help us? We have money.”

The boys grinned. Grysieg  said, “We can do that. If we get you to the Lower City, can you tell our trainer that we did.”
“What is going on?”
“We are Post riders taking our final test. The tests are supposed to be random, but some tests are too easy. Innshys to the Lower City is about the easiest there is, unless we have passengers. So if you are our passengers, we’ll get you to the Lower City as fast as possible without using the portals and tell you all about the Empire while we do.”

Swifty looked at the other two boys and said, “Suzy, this could get us in a lot of trouble. On the other hand, we are up here for training and this is a good test.”

“What about your parents?” Foxfire asked.

“They are not in the Empire,” Suzy said. “They won’t come after you. Swifty, I want to make one stop before we start.”
“That place that sells crystals. If we don’t take pictures home, we will be in real trouble.”

“We can do that.” Swifty pulled a camera out of his satchel. “I had this already.”


“I was working for Ironaxe Asset Protection. Having a camera is part of the job.”
“What is Ironaxe Asset Protection and what do they do?” Grysieg asked.

“I’ll explain when we get going.”

Dalia emerged into the market and headed to the Portal Service desk where they had not seen the kids and then to the Post service and bus desk where the girl said, “They were here. They had been picked up by two Post riders as passengers.”
“What does that mean?”
“Post riders can get bonuses if they take passengers on a route. The boys ran into those two and are going to guide them to the Lower City.”

“So they should arrive in a couple of days.”
“In three days, since they are not staying at places overnight.”

“Thank you.”

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