The Return of The Silverin, Chapter 41-42

Iolena practices dancing. Special Agent Tallings spooks a boy.

Chapter 41.

Bubil Kil

“May I join you?”

Iolena looked at the elf woman and said, “You may.”

She went through another set of passes and movements as the other woman said, “I am Esta Silver. You are new here.”
“My man had to leave Zirgoccol rather quickly. I am Iolena Wysalynn.

“Zirgoccol is far from the Empire.”
“I was the wild girl and wanted to see the world.”

“Did you?”
“I did.”

“As a Dancer?”
“It paid for some extravagances.”

“Your man is a dragon.”

“Yes. We met while I was planning a Dance on the same place the he was planning to remove some belongings.”

“Do you fly?”
“My son has been complaining about some dragons stealing sheep.”
“They may be from my man’s Aerie, looking for him. I imagine that the fuss has reached his mother by now and she has questions. When it reaches my mother, we will have to move on.”

Esta laughed. “I did not know that there were any Silverin left. It seems that there are many.”

“The family was rather shattered. We have been discovering each other of late.”
“Would you have run into any loose Silverin Dancers, rather young and inexperienced?”
“By the name of Nistra, perhaps?”

“Do you know what happened?”
“She was set on a Dance, with the man that became her True. The man was in the midst of a task and it was felt that leaving Nistra here would put her at risk from your masters, so she was taken by some others and collected by family.”

“Is he a good man?”
“That is hard to say. He is capable, certainly. But his family was drawn into the dark by their need to pay some debts and he did some bad things. On the other hand, he played games with your Master and aided some folk when your Master wanted to leave them behind to be destroyed for the Master’s actions.”
“What actions were they?”
“Dúhael arranged for five cities in the Mortal Kingdoms to be Scourged and then left the Folk at Lain Othrond to take the consequences. Fortunately some of the folk discovered that they were liabilities and took steps to prevent Lain Othrond from being Scourged as well.”

“They betrayed the Master?”

“He betrayed them. These were the people that had been confined for a century, performing the work that the Project, whatever it is, needed. Then, when it was inconvenient, he was going to leave them to their fates, just as his brother sent me out to Dance with my brother in law.”

“Did you know that your Dance partner was your brother in law?”
“I did not, which made things funny, as I traveled across the Fellowship and the Empire, running into my sister and her husband over and over, but not talking to them, so I didn’t know who he was. In the end, Spitty rescued me before I actually attempted any Dances and my mother went to Mórsairon and made it clear that my debt was paid. When Mórsairon was reluctant, my mother set her brother and his friend on him. They were persuasive, which was lucky as my uncle and his friend had students they were training at the time.”

“How bad could the students be?”
“The students were the Lower City fae, dragons and street kids along with some kids from the Mage Academy. It could have been very bad.”

“That sounds very bad. You did not bring them?”

“The family didn’t want to create too much chaos. Spitty and I are here to open communications and see how you fare here.”
“That is complicated and there is a debt involved.”
“To Dúhael? I would consider not turning him in paying the debt.”

“How was he taken?”
“I don’t know. Spitty and I were not involved.”

“Would my daughter know?”

“I don’t know. Again the details haven’t been shared with me as yet and the folk that may have done it are rather busy.”

“Where is my daughter?”
“At Fallingwater with family.”

“Her True’s family?”
“Other family. They wanted to keep her out of the eyes of your Master’s friends.”

Esta and Iolena finished a set together and Esta said,“This has been an interesting session. Why don’t you come with Spitty to dinner? Your relatives can find their own.”

Esta left and Iolena grinned. So far, things were going very well indeed.


Raibyn stepped down the stairs to the platform and the mystery of his daughter’s location was solved as she was standing next to the station waving to get his attention. He walked over and said, “There you are, Nistra. Why didn’t you send something home?”
“It was felt that I shouldn’t until contact was made by others. There are some very dark things going on.”
“The old dragon told you that I was coming, didn’t he?”
“Perhaps. I was told by Filia, but who told her is something she didn’t say.”
“Your mother is worried about you.”
“I realize that, but what happened couldn’t be helped and there were folk that needed to be protected. So it was better that I disappear for a time.”

“You were sent on a task. You failed, apparently.”
“That is what happens when the task is my True.”
“Where is he?”
“In the Republic. We can go to meet his grandmother and sister, but Durlan is doing some serious work in the Republic at present.”

“So you live here?”
“No. I have a car, so why don’t we get going?”
“A car?”
“It is the estate’s. The old elf brought them so that folk could drive to Freywick and the Sanctuary as well as to Grimfrost. Why don’t we get going?”

Nistra led Raibyn to the car and they got in. the driver pulled the car away from the station in front of the bus and they were off down the road. Raibyn said, “You have adapted quickly.”
“It just happened. Things were confusing at first, but I was among family and that helped.”


“The Silverin.”

“There are that many?”
“Yes. They were hidden and scattered all over, but they are finding each other and returning. The head family is being asked to take the Folly back and some negotiations have been going on.”

“What about the debt?”
“What debt is that?”
“The debt we owe for the Masters rescuing the family from starvation and destruction.”
“The Masters were responsible for the starvation and destruction!”

“How do you know that.”
“The Masters old fortress was discovered and the evidence was clear that the Masters developed the Blight, spread it on the Family’s farms and coluded with the Empress of the time to starve the family and force them into bondage and separation.”

“You have seen this evidence yourself?”
“Some of it. I have not yet been to the ancient fortress because of the weather, but much of the rest, I have seen.”

“The Masters lie?”
“Yes. Dúhael was responsible for the Scourging of the five cities. You were in Neuw Athlin. You did not go and see the Scourged city when you could?”

“I was looking for you.”

“You have found me. Now you should look for the truth.”

Nightforger had been sent from the hidden Academy to Freywick to see what the Umevan were doing in Astaire and perhaps find the devise that had been removed from Bibul Kil. The Unevan crews were fabricating towers, setting poles, and running wires with abandon. Large sections of the city were under the glowing glass bulbs already and still more parts were being wired. The massive electric arc furnace was collecting its parts and the foundation and railroad yard that would feed the facility were already almost complete as an army of strange machines and workers crawled over things like ants.

Nightforger had given up looking for the devises in amongst everything else when a truck stopped in front of the inn he was staying in so that the drviers could retie the canvas cover over what the truck was carrying. The devise was exposed and then amazingly as, the cover replaced, the truck waited for another truck to pass with another load that looked identical. Nightforger wasn’t sure what that meant, but it was time to return, so he prepared to return to Astua.

Chapter 42.


Special Agent Tallings was going through the bulletins as he watched the various Umevan aircraft arrive and discharge Umevan people and material. He didn’t think that the Umevan were spying, but the tempo of the various projects ongoing meant that there was no way to tell. Between the two power plants in the Fellowship, the repairs to the dam here on the Penisula, other war related repairs, the dam in Bubil Kil, the dam at Fallingwater, the electrification of Freywick and the other various projects, there was a constant stream of people and paper that needed to be elsewhere and the fact that Naertho Umevan was here and not in the Republic did not help. So the Umevan had a lot of traffic going in and out of Ishendell, as well as a hanger under construction.

With little to go on, as the spies, if any, refused to use the typical methods of spies or walk around in cloaks, load and empty drops, use clandestine radios, swim out to submarines for secret meetings or any of the other things that spies did, there was little for Special Agent Tallings to go on. Other than having an enjoyable session with the grandmotherly Willia in the kitchen, looking into Major Tollings business was pointless, the other villas were free and clear, and other than the various families coming down from the Empire on business or a quiet evening, the villas had very little of the kinds of things that constituted criminal activity. From what Tallings could tell, after a trip to talk to Lord Bryneiros and Justiciar Dawkins, the families most likely to participate in that sort of thing were unlikely to have connections or a desire to own places in Ishendell in any case. The Lions were an exception, but the family had not yet bought a place in Ishendell.

So Tallings counted planes, looked for anything strange and did some paperwork so that there was something to file for the daily report. As he was flipping through the bulletins, a plane landed and instead of Umevan staff, a group of teenagers, mostly boys with one girl got off. The teenagers were dragonkin and Tallings pulled up his binoculars and looked closely at the girl as she got on the bus with the rest. Looking at the bulletin, the girl looked very much like the missing Susan Gilders.

Dalia watched the Special Agent’s car leave, turned to Rosepetal and said, “I think that you may have another date coming up.”

“Befuddling Gerald again?”

“You seem to enjoy it.”
“He’s nice to be with when his boss doesn’t give him stupid assignments. Frankly the Director should just stop telling him to chase after us and the rest of the things he has to do. Let’s get this mob to the villa. Why did it have to be mostly boys?”
“The next batch will be the girls, count on it.”


Wyrran walked into the Café where Jorge was having a Caffee, sat down put a radiation scanner on the table and said, “Look at what I found.”

“Where was it?”
“In an abandoned place between Finsters and the electrochemical plant. They were stupid, though.”

“Finsters has that vault. The vault has a Scourge suppressor, which was repaired.”

Jorge grinned. “You talked to Finster’s”

“Yes I did. I figured that they would have some ideas, and they did. They also said that the Scourge suppressor had been found and that somebody from
Beinans had gone over it and it was working.”

“That’s one. Four more to go.”


Rob stood before the city council and started his presentation. The presentations were part of the clean up voyages and hed become fairly routine. This year was diferend than the various communities had the admiral to have Rob give talks about the risks of Scourge devises as Defuser made her way up the river. Rob went over the Scourge devises, Jorge’s encounter with them and how he handled the devises and then used a film made from the drone crystal, the shots for the Deadlands and the Ishendel tablet to show what could happen with the devises. The city council looked rather frightened and concerned when the presentation was done.  As Rob was packing up, Chief Ironcutter walked up and said, “Found it. It’s in a drum on its way to Defuser.”

“That’s two then, and we can tell the boys that their hunch was on the money.”

“Luggergate bothers me.”
“I know. My brother has been trying to convince the mayor that the threat is real, without luck. Get pictures.”

“Already have them.”

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