The Return of The Silverin, Chapter 17-18

Richard stashes some coin. The Camp gets a visitor.

Chapter 17.

The Qinvaris Estate, The Accelerator Tunnels.

Chompers looked at the piled coin, turned to the suited Richard and said, “This is you being sneaky, Richard.”

Richard grinned. “The people who ported the coin here don’t know where the vault is, as far as everyone else knows, we emptied this out, and it is not as if the vault is easy to get to after we pulled the portal.”

“The boys want the shop.”

“That’s downstairs and there is the main entrance and the elevator. The doors were opened and the vault doors closed. The boys are planning to move the shop anyway.”

“Since my boys are helping with that, and this room is empty, we shouldn’t have any trouble. The boys are all going to college and doing other things, so they won’t be here for long periods and they know about the coin in any case.”

“That was a consideration. Let’s close this up.” 


Stalwart looked at the renewal list and frowned. Over half the senior members of the Stewards had not renewed. Donations had dropped to almost nothing and the membership loss was going to be crippling. As membership chairman, Stalwart was at a loss about how he could change that. The college students provided footsoldiers, but the older members, who weren’t willing to take the risks that went with direct action, provided the money and resources that kept the movement going. If they backed out, and it looked as if most had, the movement was finished.  Loyalheart came in and said, “You don’t look happy. What’s wrong?”

“The renewals are way down, and donations have dropped to a trickle. The cleanser being arrested while caught with a mana battery hurt us badly.”

“The Steward isn’t going to be happy.”

“There isn’t anything I can do about it. There have been too many booms, in the wrong places. When it was an empty factory, it was one thing, when it was one of those Primaries and a dragonkin neighborhood, that was another, because it made us look like a bunch of crazies. People don’t want to be seen supporting crazies. So they aren’t.”

“A bunch of weaklings and hypocrites.”
“I can’t disagree with that, but that is what we have to deal with.”

Alinis looked at the stack of books, turned to Fire and said, “Another stack to look at.”

“We did find some things. I found some things that I can use as well.”

“At least we are helping and Strom’s people are making sure that these don’t disappear.”

Chapter 18.

The Camp.

Garald Redbeard had never met one of his more important sources. He had always worked through intermediaries, since it would be unwise for the Kingdom of Hammer’s spymaster to be traveling through the Fellowship, let alone into the Empire. On the other hand, the source’s latest report deserved his attention and it was time to cut the source off, in any case. So he took the train to Fayspire, a cab to Innshys and walking through the intriquing and busy market, walked to the Imperial portals and using the guide beside the portal, ported to the Camp. Emerging into a small building, he had to dodge around a group of children waititng for the portal and stopping one, he asked, “Where is Jomney’s office?”

The young fae pointed and said, “Uncle’s office is that way.”

“Thank you.”

The boy ported out, leaving Garald to walk in the direction he pointed. Fortunately, the office was near the portal and there were people going in and out. Garald went inside and a plainly dressed man and an elf were arguing. The man looked up, turned to the elf and said, “No, father, we are not going to remodel the castle this year. The fae village gets the budget, then the Camp and finally, the Fortress, next year, if then. I need to speak with this dwarf, so if you would excuse me. Sir dwarf, why don’t we speak outside.”

Jomney led Garald outside and said, “I’m not surprised you came to see me, Baron Redbeard.”

“You knew that the report would make waves. Was the thing in the Mortal Kingdoms as bad as everyone says?”
“Yes it was. I sent the full report to you in a crate.”

“What is going on here?”
“I was emancipated and acquired some property. My father wants to remodel. I’m not sure that I do, because I’m thinking that I want to restore a place further north, near Innshys and Fayspire. Why are you here, personally?”
“I am going to have to cut my ties with you. I also wanted to see this place.”
Jomney grinned. “That isn’t a surprise. I was too visible in the Mortal Kingdoma and certain people are going to be watching me. Also, this place is changing. On the other hand, I can refer you to the Umevan estate for some of the same services. Let me give give you the tour. Fire will be glad to have you to dinner this evening.”

“I want to see this place that was the place of some very dark people.”
“I couldn’t say very much about that, and I can’t leave.”

“You seem to have done very well in the Mortal Kingdoms.”
“That was something I hope I never have to go through again. The sad thing is that, other than murdering thousands of people, I don’t know what it accomplished.”

“That was not the first time that the same people did something like that. The early history of the Blasted Lands is filled with Scourged Places and other things left over from the Mage Wars.”

“I know. I grew up in Chatsrey near Castle Hill. Let me show you the other side of things.”

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