The Return of The Silverin, Chapter 15-16

Tomas prepares for his trial. Willia deals with a Request

Chapter 15.

The Hideaway

Will smiled as Lensa came through the door. He held the cloak for her and her horse as she mounted and they rode out of the stable in the light snow. Will said, “Has there been any news about Lord Dúhael?”
“The trial hasn’t started yet.”

“Does anyone know how he was captured?”

“My father and uncle don’t. Whoever did it was very sneaky.”
“Do you think that they will come here?”
“So far they haven’t. I would keep any eye out for new people.”

“We will. I will have to be discreet about that if they do come.”

“I understand.” Lensa put her heel to her horse. “Race you to the trees!”

Will chased after her.

Mórsairon activated Usanaar and said, “I wanted to discuss my brother with you.”
“Are you going to retrieve him?”
“That is the question. My instincts tell me that retrieving him would only make things worse, yet I have the feeling that if we don’t take the action, the Project will die.”

“Dúhael had taken the leadership position with Dúrgúl taking point. I was forced to ask Dúrgúl to remove himself as his failures and the risk of retrieval meant that he had become a liability. If we retrieve Dúhael, that would mean that he was important to the Project.”
“Can he be traced back to this place?”
“I think that it is already compromised. Dúhael’s satchel was left in the coach he was taken from with the Harald seeming supposedly inside. I doubt that our adversaries did not know what it was supposed to be and if Harald had actually been taken, they would have made sure to retrieve it.”
“What did you do with the crystal?”
“I gave it to my daughter. If they want to talk to her, it may reveal things. If the thing is not a seeming, then no harm will be done.”

Usanaar smiled. “That should be suitable.”

“So what about my brother?”

“Has Blackfire been making preparations for a retrieval?”

“Are you planning an evacuation?”
“Then I would proceed.”

“Also, someone removed the coin from the vault at Wongpo.”

“That should not have been possible. Were there any clues?”
“The people there did not investigate. We have always gone into that vault through the portal, and there was a door, but we could not unlock it. After Wongpo was Scourged, we thought that the vault would be secure. The coin was of little use in any case.”

“Why was the coin of little use?”

“After the Scourging of the two estates, somebody at the Qinvaris realized that Scourged coin was radioactive and told the banks to emplace scanners. The banks stopped accepting radioactive coin, or confiscated it.”
“What about the Mortal Kingdoms.”
“There is apparently a long tradition about poisoned coin from the mage wars and unless the coin is certified as being free of radiation, almost no one will accept it and it is known where the coin came from, so anyone who has it is connected to us.”
“That is disturbing.”

“In one bit of good news, I discovered where the devise from Bubil Kil was sent.”

“The estate, then.”

“Yes. We will have to proceed carefully.”
“I will shut down. This has been a good talk.”
Usanaar shutdown externally and poked another mind. “Mistress, I have a report.” He sent the report and the voice on the other end said, “The devise is at the estate. Interesting.”

The voice cut off and Usanaar shut down.

Neuw Athlin

Tomas looked at Gander and said, “You should be prosecuting this.”

“I’m not much more experienced than you are and I have other things going on. You have built a good case here.”

‘We don’t have the testimony from anyone at the meeting. We also havn’t discovered the people that shutdown the Scourge supressors and other devises.”

“You don’t need them. The fact that they were shut down, as well as the other things we discovered show prior intent. You have assembled the evidence and things are fairly clear.”

“I haven’t finished law school.”

“If Queen Cécile and King Terrance don’t care, you don’t have anything to worry about.”

“I wasn’t expecting something like this. What if they ask for trial by combat?”

Gander laughed. “You can get a champion.”

“I don’t need one, really. We were not exactly untrained in certain things at the brotherhood and I think that the abbot felt that the energies of young boys needed to be focused.”

“That is certainly true. I would hide those skills. Being underestimated can work to your advantage.”

“In many ways. You certainly were.”
“I was. Of course that idiot should have suspected something when I didn’t grab a high guard soldier as a champion.”

“So what are you going to do now?”
“After I present my testimony? I have some things that I am going to be tasked to follow up on.”

Using glamor and substitution, Darkstrike had penetrated the jail and had used a crystal to take pictures of the inside. He also had maps of the city, such as it was. It was the middle of Frore. In three five days the trial would start.

Chapter 16.


Chancellor Irons looked at Jhaan Umevan and Aydiun Beinan and said, “Someone else is giving the university a gift, you are donating a new library to house it, but you can’t tell me what the gift is?”

“That is essentially the case,” Aydiun said. “The library will contain a copy of the House library in the Empire, the Eiljeon library and the Nerihorn Library, but those are part of the building gift.”

“Mrs. Harper has already donated the funds for a library expansion, as well as a copy of the Lower City Library’s collection and some other materials. This is in addition to that?”
“We didn’t know about Lythienne’s gift,”Aydiun said. “This is separate.”

“We will not turn this generous gift down in any case. You probably know about the flap over the plagiarism of a first year’s paper. I am sorry to say that deficiencies in our library may have contributed to that. So this gift is appreciated.”

Jhaan and Aydiun grinned. “I certainly know what happened with Jorge and his paper,” Jhaan said. “That seems to have resolved itself.”

“The Gilders paper hasn’t been retracted as yet, even though the plagiarism is obvious, and Gilders did not receive any sanction for his plagiarism. From an academic standpoint, that is not a good thing.”

Jorge looked at the student trying to look as if she wasn’t watching Jorge while following him to class. The “spy kids” as they were dirisively called by most of the rest of the students were all taking classes in law enforcement or the officer training corps in preparation for taking their Service in the Federal Service or military intelligence. So far, their technique left a lot to be desired and Jorge had been told that much of what they were doing was illegal in any case. Jorge had arranged for a microportal to be slipped into the club’s space and was well aware of their plans. By and large, since he wasn’t doing anything other than going to class and going to Chatsrey to teach his portal class and give his presentation on ancient Imperial technologies and another class on Scourge devises for the Office of Inanimates, there was nothing to report. As he entered his history class, Glindel Forces said, “Why do you let them do that, Jorge? Aren’t they annoying?”

Jorge grinned. “Glindel, as annoying as they are to me, they are probably annoying whoever is behind them even more. As you can tell, they aren’t very good.”

“That’s because they can’t practice very much. There are laws against stalking.”

“I know. So they can’t really do anything with what they have, and I am not going to do anything stupid in front of them. If they really wanted to make points, they should keep an eye on the Stewards and the Friends.”

“Good point. Of course the Stewards here broke up when some of them realized what that tree here had inside.”

“That was what I was talking about.”


Willia handed Tolbart the Request that had been sent to the house from the FSA and said, “I’m not sure what to do about this, Mr.Tollings.”

Tolbart looked at it and said, “This a Request, signed by a magistrate, for the villa’s records on what you purchase and what you pay the staff. The FSA is looking into whether Jorge is receiving actual coin outside of his pay from the marines. Providing quarters is not illegal. Actual money would be. On the other hand, Lissia’s income is carrying the villa in any case.” Tolbart looked at the Request and said, “The magistrate that signed this was not even on the Peninsula. Unless they have probable cause for a Federal crime, this isn’t applicable. I will contest this. Don’t send them anything.”

“The Inquisitor’s? Of course not.”

Tolbart grinned. “They are not the Inquisition.”
“They act the same way. Always poking into other’s business and making waves.With the Great Captain, it was Lord Melaris and his friends poking into the things he brought from overseas. With these folks, they want to know about the Major’s business. So they are Inquisitors. If they think that they have cause, they can come with a writ. This is just looking for a fish.”

“Milady, you are very wise.”

Willia brushed her collar. “Not a lady. Would you like some cookies? I just baked some for the local rascals.”

“I think that I will take some, then.”

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