The Return of The Silverin, Chapter 13-14

Special Agent Tallings serves some papers. Tad and Immianthe go to dinner.

Chapter 13.


 Special Agent Tallings, looked at the paper in his hand and sighed. The state police and Legate had refused to take the document, saying it was a Federal matter, so he was stuck serving the violation to Lord Quidi. There was some sort of party going on as he walked up the drive to the front door. A servant opened the door and said, “May I help you, sir?”

Tallings held up his badge. “I am Special Agent Tallings and I have a document for Lord Quidi.”

“May I take the document?”
“I need to hand it to him personally.”

“Very well.”

The servant left and returned with an elf, who must be Quidi, who was accompanied by Horalt Ironbrewer. Quidi said, “I am Lord Quidi. What may I do for you Special Agent Tallings?”
“This is a notice of eviction as a result of you being in violation of the Peninsula properties act.” Tallings handed Quidi the notice. Quidi handed it to Ironbrewer and said, “They did it, finally. Special Agent, would you like to come in?”

“I need to go.”

Tallings left and Quidi turned to Ironbrewer and said, “He didn’t want to do that.”

“I think that he was stuck with it. His boss is toadying up to the termite mound and the state government has voted to not enforce the law for valid reasons.”

“He seems like a good type. At least he isn’t making too much of a nuisance of himself.”

Richard and Naertho walked over and Naertho said, “They got somebody to deliver the notice, finally. Horalt, I was afraid that you would have to pick it up.”

Horalt laughed. “That would be unique for a lawbreaker. Now things can begin.”

“You are enjoying yourself.”

“Yes I am. After far too much dreary business, some rough and tumble court action and making constitutional arguments reminds me why I chose to do what I do. Thank you Lord Quidi.”

Lathlaeril grinned. “That was not a problem, Mr. Ironbrewer. Of course that means that I am going to inflict my disreputable, but very capable sons on you.”

“The sons that you neglected to tell me about when you set this up?”
“Yes. In any case, we can proceed.”

 Chapter 14.

The Sanctuary

Immianthe, guards in tow, walked down the more or less empty passage deep in the bowels of the city. She hadn’t seen Tad in two five days and wondered what he had been up to. So she had gone to the estate when school ended, had just missed Tad leaving, had a long talk with Tad’s grandmother about starting at the school and then come to the Sanctuary where Tad’s grandmother said that he had gone and then asked various people where he was. Finally she had reached the passage and then, turning a corner, she heard Tad talking to someone. He must have heard her, as he turned, put down the thing in his hand, and said, “I didn’t expect you, princess.”
“What are you doing, Tad?”
“Making sure that certain things are safe.”

“What do you mean?”
“There are things down here that Nat, my father, Chompers and the Lord should look at before they get out. I’m trying to sort that out.”

“Why you?”
“Because Khatar will talk with me, since I am family, but if I’m not here, he won’t talk to Vearil.”

“Where is Khatar?”
Tad pointed to the figure on the table. “Khatar, this is Princess Immianthe. I need to go.”

Khatar grinned and said, “Welcome, your highness. I was Khatar Silverin. Youngling, I see that you have other things to do, so we can take this up later.”

Khatar disappeared and Tad closed the door. He turned to Immianthe and said, “I’m sorry that I haven’t talked to you, but this kept going and I wanted to stay at it.”

“That seeming is drawing you in.”
“I know. I was hoping that he would want Keerla as a Charge or to be taken upstairs, but I think that we are stuck with him. I think that I will stay away until Nat and dad are available.”

“Then you can show me around down here. How did you find the seeming?”
“Keerla and I were looking at a panel in the dome and we opened the door down here. There are some more, but this is a treasure vault and a library. Khatar won’t open the library until we go through the treasures and some of them could have issues. Then there are the other things that were put here, probably when the Mage Wars started.”

“No Scourge devises?”
“No, which is a good thing. But dad and Nat are busy in Astaire preparing for the big furnace and other things and mom is up to something. I’m making a crystal of everything I find, but things are going to take time.”

“The bad news is that my tutor at the Residence and your grandmother are talking to each other. I’m going to start at the school at the end of the moon.”

“You wanted that.”
“I know, but the fact that your grandmother and Master Jofiel like each other scares me a bit.”

“Mother talks with your grandmother, so that wouldn’t change anything. At least Khatar doesn’t want to come home with me.”

“I haven’t said very much about home and the family. You coming here may have been a mistake.”


“I didn’t say that I was just a slave, but I didn’t act as if I was important. Now that he knows that we are together, I think that he will want to know more about me.”

“We will have to put up with it.”

“At least we can hand him to my sister’s kids when they come.”

Ettrian emerged from the portal and as he was entering the mall, he spotted his nephew and a young elf girl. Walking over, he said, “Hello Tad. Who is this?”

“Hi Uncle Ettrian. This is Princess Immianthe. Princess this is my Uncle Ettrian.”

Ettrian bowed and said, “My sister did not say how wonderful you looked, princess. I’m sorry that we hadn’t met.”

“Why are you here, Uncle?” Tad asked with a frown.
“I am visiting with some people. You can come if you like.”

Tad looked at Immianthe. “What do you want to do?”

“I was looking for you. We can go with your uncle.”

“Will the people be bothered by Immianthe’s guards, Uncle?”

Ettrian looked at Taredd and Cyran and said, “I’m not sure. On the other hand, you know the city better than I do.”

“Ok, if Taredd and Cyran become a problem, we can go home. Where are we going?”

“I was meeting with Jeharin Grewenys and some others about improved distillation methods in Lady Grewenys’ manufactury. Jeharin did not say if she wanted anything kept discreet. I don’t think that either of you will be a problem.”

“Do you know where to go?”

“I have directions here.”

“Hand them to me,” Immianthe said. “I have been in the Sanctuary with my brother and cousins, often.”

Ettrian handed the directions to Immianthe and with a smiling Taredd and Cyran following, they went to the quicktubes and to the manufacturing center, where Tad and Immianthe led Ettrian to the location of Jeharin Grewenys’ manufactury. She was waiting outside and when she spotted Tad and Immianthe, laughed and said, “You were trapped by menaces, Ettrian.”

“Actually, they were here for something else and I wanted them to come. Have they been here before?”
“Yes, without their keepers. At least Immianthe and her cousin were.”

“Hello again, Lady Grewenys,” Immianthe said. “Yralissa and I did want to know more about how you made your scents. Thank you for showing us what you did.”

“Well, since you brought Tad with you this time, as well as his uncle, I must give you the full tour. Where are your brother and your cousins?”

“Airdan is off someplace and my cousins are at the palace. I was looking for Tad because we hadn’t seen each other for a bit and I wondered what he was up to.”

“How did you and Tad find each other?”
“Lord Umevan, that is Jorge, brought him to the palace one day. I wanted to know more about him, so I went to a party at the estate and found him.”

“He was rather shy and hid himself on the estate and stayed at his console as much as he could, for obvious reasons,” Ettrian said. “You have drawn him out. This will not be as adventurous as some of the things he has been doing, but it should be interesting.”

“Jorge isn’t here, so things should calm down. He’s down there in the Republic.”

“Do you have stories,” Jeharin asked.
“We have stories,” Tad said. “We can share.”

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