The Return of The Silverin, Chapter 9-10

Byddri goes to Wongpo. Some elvish Hogh Lords plot about real estate

Chapter 9.


Byddri’s mother had come down with his father to the estate to help Kaylessa with Lyari and when the rumors had started about Wongpo, Kaylessa, sensing that Byddri was feeling tied down, told him to chase the rumors down. So he had packed his riding gear and gone on his way. Purchasing a horse in Dolmas, he had set out along the West road, traveling until he reached the dead city of Wongpo. The interesting thing is that a part of the city was rather lively for a place that was dead and he knew a good portion of the people there. Alinar Harper must have spotted him, as he walked over as Byddri dismounted and said, “We should have expected that you or Jerthath would show up?”
“What’s going on?”

“You’re here, so I will explain, if you wait a bit to expose the full story.”

“I can do that. It’s going to take some time to get back to Dolmas anyway. I just heard rumors about this place and a vault.”

“There is one here. What have you heard?”
“That the vault may contain the money stolen from the five cities.”

“That is true. I’m not going to ask how you heard that.”

“Several sources. My boss wanted me to check it out.”

“Why you?”
“I think he thought that what I was sending was rather boring, and he had a point. There are just so many stories about things in the palace that I can send and the action wasn’t happening in the Empire. The wedding and Kaylessa afterwards kept me tied down more than I realized.”

“Is she better?”
“After Lain Othrond, yes. She doesn’t see monsters coming out of the bushes all the time now. She is also taking Lyari flying again.”

“She sent you, didn’t she?”
“Yes she did. So the money was here?”
“We cracked the vault and it was. We’re just about done porting it out. There was some more money in a vault and we are transferring it next door with some other things.”

“There is somebody to pass it to?”
“Yes there is. Let me introduce you to Kildia. Here she is. Kildia, this is Byddri Flamefire. He goes to strange places and writes about them.”

Kildia smiled. “You are a dragon. That was probably why you had no trouble coming here.”

Byddri grinned. “I didn’t have any trouble at all, at least the kind that you are thinking. My reputation preceded me. So instead, I had to tell stories for my meals all the way out here when people knew I who I was. On the other hand, the trip is going to make good copy. So tell me this place’s story.”
“This city was Scourged about ten years ago. I was not at home, so I survived. Let me take you around and tell you about our town as it was.”

Alinar turned to Gantar and said, “Somebody leaked.”

“Probably. I would say that it came out of your Lord’s office.”
“That is probably true, and Byddri has friends there. I’m glad to see him, actually.”


“When the people come looking for the money, there will be no doubt as to who retrieved the money. That may be why Uncle Richard had Byddri come out.”

“He will also tell the story about this place.”

“Yes he will. That will not make our enemies happy.”

Jorildyn had awakened when the vault door had been blown open, only to realize that the rightful owners had opened the vault and that he was unable to draw mana from the area. His reserves were very low, so he could not wait any longer and when the lady that was his descendant passed by with a dragon, he revealed himself. “Milady Kildia, I am Jorildyn.”

The shocked Kildia said, “What are you?”

“A seeming,” Byddri said. “A seeming in trouble, probably.”
“How would you know, dragon?” the seeming asked.

“I have encountered your like before. Lady Wongpo, this is an imprint made by an ancestor. It can’t hurt you, but you need to be careful when taking its advice. It also has a limited clock, but that will be a problem for your grandchildren to deal with. It also has limited energy here and is probably wondering what is going on. Why don’t we take Jorildyn here where he can recharge and I can share the events of the recent past with both you and him.”

Kildia smiled. “You have been asking all the questions, sir dragon.”

“That is my job. On the other hand, I know all about the events and things going on and I should share. I think that these people will be more comfortable if we are not underfoot even if the radioactive coin is mostly gone.”

“Coin that was radioactive?” Jorildyn asked. “Was this place Scourged?”
“Yes it was. But the coin came from some places that were Scourged more recently.”

“Then we have much to discuss.”

Chapter 10.

 The Cloud City.

Lathlaeril entered the tavern and joined the others in room in the back where he had been invited to a discreet meeting with Lord Qinvaris and some others. He wasn’t sure why Richard had asked him to come, but the connections made the meeting worthwhile in any case. When he walked into the small room, Richard said, “Welcome, Lord Quidi! This is Vesryn, Folmon, Alinar, Esgalwathanar, and Taenaran. Sit and join us!”

“So, what is going on?”
“I had heard that you were looking into property on the Peninsula.”

Lathlaeril frowned. He had been looking for a place where his son’s in laws could stay that was on the water. The previous owner had suggested that he look into a certain law before signing anything and perhaps get his in laws involved. “I was, yes. I haven’t signed anything.”

“Could you do so?”


“With the exception of Esgalwathanar and Taenaran, we all have properties on the Peninsula. The problem is that we, including Esgalwathanar, all have close ties to the Republic and legally, we can buy the entire Peninsula if we wanted to. On the other hand, only the fact that the law was never actually enforced kept it on the books, because there are significant property rights issues involved. So we need a legitimate attempt at enforcement.”

Quidi grinned. “I was told about the law by the previous owner. I said that I would look into it before signing and it was fairly clear. I hadn’t realized that the law had never been enforced.”

“At the time the law was passed, there weren’t any people that considered themselves part of the Empire on the Peninsula. The law was just passed to allow the invasion, but it became a non issue. There were some issues when exiles from the Fellowship bought property when the Peninsula was in Fellowship hands, but they were struck down by the courts. Gwen says that the governor would like to avoid a fight, so if anyone does attempt to enforce the law against any of us, he can point to our connections and say, “They aren’t in violation. That won’t hurt us, but the people behind this will come up with something else if they don’t get what they want and we don’t show some resistance.”
“What do they want?”

“The villas for a five day in green as a rental.”

“You must have a reason for not wanting them to have it.”

“I do, and your son can probably tell you more. In any case, I was hoping that you would go ahead and sign. Esgalwathanar and Taenaran are also going to finalize purchases they were planning. Then we wait.”

“Will I hear the squeals?”

“I imagine so.”

“Then I am in. This sounds like fun and my disreputable sons need something to do.”


George grinned as Bob came in and said, “I’m glad that you came up so quickly, Bob.”

“What’s going on, Attorney General?”
“Thothak is on the way, so let’s wait a bit. How is the family?”
“So far, just fine. Bill is back in the country with Syllia to do some digging for Gander and make arrangements with Syllia’s parents and Elfroda for the wedding. We’re shooting for late Green. Tomas and Lythie are in Vestia, with Tomas preparing to prosecute a large case that I can’t talk about as yet.”


“Officially, I don’t know that.”

Thothak came in and said, “Sorry that I’m a bit late.”

“We were just discussing a big case that Bob’s son in law to be will be prosecuting.”

“He is? That is an interesting choice.”
“Between the Scourging of Athlin and the rebellion by the traitors, Cécile didn’t have a lot of choices, according to Lythie,” Bob said. “There are some issues involved, such as whether Lain Othrond was in a state of war with Vestia when they lit the devises off. So the prosecutor had to be capable of weaving through the issues. He also had to be a noble of Vestia. Tomas fit that bill.”

“The reason that we called you in is that there is something coming that will involve your brother.”
“Which one?”

“I doubt that, other than traffic laws, he has been in a position to break any laws here in the Republic and Rosa won’t let him drive himself here anymore.”

“He, or rather House Qinvaris bought a villa on the Peninsula. So have some other Houses. You probably know about that law they passed before the Peninsula was invaded for the first time.”
“To my knowledge that law has never been enforced. There were some more that came up during class back in the day. I take it that someone is insisting that it be enforced.”

“The judicial committee in the Senate has contacted me concerning why the law has not been enforced.”
“What is really going on?”
“The Societies are planning to have their graduation party in Ishendell. Your brother and the others purchased the largest villas that were still in good condition. They haven’t put them up for rental, probably because they don’t see the need.”

“Do you have a list?”

“Here’s the list.”

George handed the list to Bob, who looked at it and said, “I don’t know about House Quidi, but the others all have significant presence in the Republic with the exception of my brother, who is a citizen. House Yllanan certainly does and House Orivalur is a vassal of my brother. I don’t see the problem.”

George handed a letter to Bob, “Your brother and the others are fighting the law on a constitutional basis.”

“Richard is poking me. Or somebody has annoyed him and he’s put me in the middle. Whoever started this was an idiot. At least Kulgha won’t be on the other side this time. I bet that Lord Quidi was brought in because he does not have family here in the Republic and the others all did. What does Governor Jeffries think about this?”

“I haven’t asked. You can talk to him when you go up to Ishendell.”

“I’ll get up there, talk to him and then port up and talk to my brother. The problem is how far the idiots will take this. Have there been any actions to kick anything off?”
“I haven’t sent any officers or warrants as yet. I really can’t until Quidi signs the deal and attempts to register the transfer, since, as you have already pointed out, the others all have connections here in the Republic.”

Thothak said, “I have to go. It doesn’t look like it is going to become a international mess, so that is a relief.”

Thothak left and George looked at Bob. “You sent something to your brother, didn’t you? You had all the details at your fingertips.”

“Dad and some others spotted this and I did wire Richard and ask him to make sure that the villa was registered to him. I did not know that he was going to fight the law and since we haven’t actually served anyone, there was nothing to fight.”
“Do you think that Quidi was brought in to trip things off.”

“I have never met Lord Quidi, but it would not surprise me. He probably had already looked into buying a villa and my brother brought him in on the scheme. As I said, the people that are pushing for this are idiots. Especially, since they have already annoyed some people, having the party in Ishendell is stupid in any case.”

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