The Return of The Silverin, Chapter 3-4

Jorge visits a vault. The plot thickens on the Plateau.

Chapter 3.

 Tanyl’s Island.

Bill turned to Nat at the vault door and said, “Here we are. Why didn’t Jorge port in.”
Jorge appeared and said, “I put a Jump anchor out here during the party and used it. As far as anybody watching me knows, I am with Shael in a movie theatre watching a movie.”

“Do you think that people are watching you?”
“I can’t be sure. On the other hand, the FSA boss and Senator Gilders want to prove that I am a spy for the Ravathyra and they know that I have been down here before, so they may have eyes on me.”

Bill laughed and said, “If you are spying for the Ravathyra, the family is all here. The Great Captain is coming for dinner.”

“I know. Let’s go inside. The movie won’t last forever.”

Bill opened the door and Nat said, “What killed these people?”
“A booby trap and Harald. The booby trap is shut down and Harald isn’t here.”

They passed the library and the shop with the stacked stasis cases. Jorge said, “Maybe we should plan to port this to Ironton.”
Bill grinned. “The books. Maybe not port the cases. We can ship those by truck”

“You have been talking to Alinis, haven’t you?”

“Yes. We don’t have an Inquisition, but we do have the Stewards and I did the same thing with the devise.”

“Yes you did. That worked very well.” Jorge looked at the seven remaining devises and at the portal. Walking over to it, he pulled out tools and started to work on it. Turning to Bill, he said, “This was actually in good shape. I’m going to replace some things anyway, just to be sure. Now the question is; where do we want the devises sent?”

“One to Ironton, one to Beinan’s here. The devise that isn’t busted stays here in the vault.”

“The library may be more important,” Nat said. “We need to learn how to make the devises, not just use them. There should be some design documents as well. As for the devises, we should send one devise to Chompers and another to the estate.”

“Send one to Beinan’s in Fayspire,” Jorge said, “and another one to Ishendell.”

Bill frowned. “Why?”

“Because the plant in Fayspire has portals, access to the House and has a lot of people that worked at the Scourge suppressor plant.  We also want to disperse these around more than a bit. Let me show you how to set the ports up and we can send the library to Beinan’s in Ironton. I already talked to them about a landing spot for something.”

“You didn’t say to send one to the Sanctuary. Why not?”
“I’ll let you know when I’m sure. Harald probably won’t say, even if you ask. I’ll do some digging when the term is over. Time is getting short and I need to get the ports set up for you. We will want to stage the ports over the term so that we aren’t seen with devises all over the place.”

“What are you going to do about the spy thing?”

“The family is working on that. I have been told to stay out of things and not to play games with the Gilders.”

“What about the thing over the papers?”
“As far as I am concerned, that’s over. Nobody retracted, but with three more papers being published this term, nobody will doubt that the work was mine. As far as that goes, I have bigger things to deal with.”

Jorge Jumped away and Nat went to talk to Folas about RDR as Bill pulled Harald off his shelf and activated him. “Well, what do you think?”

“I was impressed. He has the right attitude for dangerous times. Jumping out of the movie theatre was clever. He has the talent that his folk had of collecting able servants and aides.”


“Yes. There is another that you can learn a lot from.”

“What do you think about moving the library?”

“You are going to be in Ironton for some time, we can take the electronic library to the plant here, and if it is available to others, they can explore things themselves.”

“The boys and I will get started. We’ll put the stasis cases on the landing craft and be obvious about it.”

“You have learned well. Where were you sending the stasis cases?”

Bill grinned. “We are going to have to think about that. We want them to attract attention, anyway. I will go up to Chatsrey and talk to Alinis and see what she thinks the next chance I get.”

Chapter 4.


Geral looked at the papers on his desk and then at his son and said, “You may have redeemed yourself somewhat. How did you come up with this?”
“Billings came to me and said that the places that we had rented for the graduation party were no longer available because they had been purchased by Imperials mostly. I remembered the old law about Imperial property on the Peninsula and put this together.”

“Why now?”
“If the places are up for sale, the agents will rent them, especially if we make noises about buying. The Imperials don’t seem to know about renting the places.”

Geral grinned. “We can use this. We will have to be careful to make it appear as if we just want to enforce the law. Don’t tell me who the Imperials are. Presumably you know.”

“Yes I do.” “I’ll have staff start on this right away.”  

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