The Trials of Slaves, Chapter 37-38

The Umevan look into Bubil Kil. Jomney gets a delivery.

Chapter 37.


Worthag grinned as Py was let into his office. “What can I do for a friend of the clan, Mr. Umevan?”

This concerns some property near Bubil Kil.”

“The steelworks that never started. My brother handled the details as Protector. Bubil Kil is his domain in any case.”

“Umevan Electric, the Empire and Mortal Kingdoms division has offered to pay Umevan Electric, the Kingdom of Hammer and the Orcenlands division, for one electric arc furnace, now in Bubil Kil and is making plans to dismantle and move said furnace to a new site in Astaire.”

“Jorge wants the furnace.”
“Yes. He has something that produces a lot of power that he is going to have to operate for some time and the furnace will be a large consumer of power.”
“I don’t see how that is a concern of the clan.”
“Umevan Electric would like to obtain a license to operate the four blast furnaces it now currently owns in Bubil Kil and going forward, operate other properties that are now owned by Umevan Electric.”

“The dam.”

“Yes. We have paid tax on the property and not forced the issue of an operating license because there really were no options and we did not have the resources to change that. We do now, and since Jorge has a good relationship with the clan, the family decided to put forward a proposal. The recent newspaper article about Bubil Kil annoyed my grandfather somewhat and he feels that he has broken a promise with the people there. He wants to have the start up ceremony as well as the first shovel of dirt ceremony.”

“Let me see your proposal. I will take it to my brother, but since he incurred a rather large debt recently, anything that would relieve that debt would be a good thing. I assume that you are moving the furnace regardless.”

“Yes. Moving the furnace, as large a task as that is, will be faster than building a new furnace. With the four blast furnaces, we can supply the furnace in Astaire and sell the steel to new markets in the Empire and the Mortal Kingdoms as well as to Red mountain. The dam in Bubil Kil can power a railroad electrification project and the entire valley. It’s all there in the proposal.”

Chapter 38.

Neuw Athlin

Jomney grinned as horses and winches slowly pulled the wagons off the flat cars. As the piping had been installed, Jomney had made sure that hydrants had been installed as well, and now the fire equipment, old steam wagons being retired by Fayspire and some other Fellowship cities had arrived. Like most fire equipment, the wagons had been well maintained and not used heavily. They had been pulled by tractors at the ends of their careers, but Jomney had made a deal with the Qinvaris to have some wagon work done and the forward wheels and shafts fabricated so that the engines could be drawn by horses again. He was going to have to recruit some people and have some people come from the Fellowship to provide training, but Neuw Athlin was going to have a fire department right from the start.

“What are those?”

Jomney looked around and his daughter had brought the three younger royal children. Randar was pointing at the fire engines and Jomney said, “Fire engines. They are used by firemen to put out fires.”

“Like the buckets?”
“These work much better than buckets.”
“Will we see?”
“I hope not very often.”

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