The Trials of Slaves, Chapter 7-8

A mystery emerges concerning Jorge’s classwork. Larranth teaches some kids transformations

Chapter 7.

University of Ironton, Ironton.

 Professor Xilynore looked across the room at Jorge and said, “I have good news, we have the large hall where we will be joined by two other classes for the guest that Mr. Umevan is bringing. Is he coming, Mr. Umevan?”

“He arrived yesterday. He is going to be at the Crystal Palace for his honeymoon for the next three days, the wine conference for three days after that and here, with the family after that.”

“The Crystal Palace is a nice honeymoon.”

“My grandmother arranged it with Shael. I was not involved. In any case Goren should be here.”

“You did not go to the wedding?”
“I had a test here. Shael went to the wedding, so that was covered. The family will have another party here later.”

“Class, I want to remind you all that your term papers are due in two five days. Shall we begin?”

 When the class went to questions and answers, Jorge’s hand went up and he said, “Professor, what happens if a source is reclassified?”
 “What do you mean, Mr. Umevan?”
“I was using some material from the navy and then some idiot reclassified the material. I’m having the reclassification fought, but that isn’t going to change by the time the paper is due.”

“Just note that the source is classified and that it can be requested. You are not the first to run into that. Do you know why?”
“I think that somebody got wind of me talking with somebody and wanted to cover their rear, so they arranged a reclassification. This isn’t important enough to raise a stink, so I just submitted the form to contest the reclassification and am waiting. The source and the material are valid, and the material was declassified when I obtained the material, but the reclassification messed me up.”
The Arsenal, Cleadsgate.

Admiral Harper looked at the daily brief and one item was a bit mysterious. He went to Peble’s office and said, “Peble, why did you put a classification fight in the daily brief?”
Peble grinned. “I put the fight into the brief because the fight is between Captain Blackhammer on one side and Jorge Umevan and Paeris on the other.”
“What’s going on?”
“Jorge sent a request for material about Paeris’s raids to my office, which sent the material to him, declassifying it as necessary. The raids are over and there isn’t going to be anything sensitive in there. Jorge took the material and went down to Desert Howl.”
“To talk to Paeris about the material.”

“Probably. In any case, the captain got wind of it and since the southern region was his command authority, he reclassified the material, for reasons that you might imagine.”
“He’s covering his rear and if Jorge chats with Paeris, finds some discrepancies and then the material gets out with any conflicts, the captain will be in the hot seat.”

“According to Jorge, he had found discrepancies already. That was why he asked me and Barrister Harper for the material.”

“So he has some things he found, what my brother had from Paeris and the newly declassified material, plus some things that were garbage and went to Paeris to clear things up. You didn’t make any hints, did you?”

“I didn’t have to. Jorge had sent to us for what we had and then started at the college library where he found that a lot of the books and references were, in his words, garbage, based on what he knew and what we sent.. That was when he went to your brother and then, us for the actual reports.”

“Reclassification goes through your office. For the most part, traditionally it is a rubber stamp. What are you planning to do?”
“My office is holding the reclassification pending review until after Jorge hands in his paper. Then for some strange reason the reclassification is going to leak with the captain’s name on it. That puts the captain in the position of publically classifying a first year’s college term paper with the Great Captain in the middle of it.”

Tom laughed. “Peble, you are sneaky.”
“I have to be. Look who my boss is.”

“By the way, cut some orders for Major Tollings. He’s going to be on the grill.”
“Testimony before Congress. They took their time.”
“I’ve been able to run cover for him, but we knew it was coming.”

“I have the Neuw Athlin report. I will pull the others. What is their problem?”

 “The boys.”
“That’s going to be a problem. Fortunately, Jorge hasn’t made an effort to recruit replacements.”

“Every one of those boys was a very good soldier with the buttons to prove it. Jorge started to use them as a matter of expediency, but that was justified by the events and the results he obtained.”

“Midshipman Captain Roger Seachaser, the current leader of midshipmen at the academy. More to the point, the midshipman is the son of Congressman Vincent Seachaser. Tim Wavechaser showed up on induction day in full uniform and the midshipman captain has had a bee under his cover ever since.”

“How do you know?”

“Tom Dowling and I shared a cabin on the Progress when we were lieutenants. I went over to the academy on induction day and Seachaser was going after Sergeant Wavechaser and getting nowhere. It hasn’t risen to the point of requiring official attention, but Tim and Gotrid haring off to Chatsrey to deal with the Steward’s Primaries didn’t help, especially when Tim didn’t stand there and take the midshipman captain’s abuse after the thing was over.”

“I took the boys and the rest to dinner and gave the boys direct orders to hit the showers and bed when they got back and to tell anyone that they had orders from me to do so. They had just spent four days working on drums with armed and booby trapped Primaries inside. They deserved some relief from academy grief. Apparently the good midshipman captain sent a letter home.”

“I believe so.”
“Let Major Tollings know what you just told me. All of it.”

“Already did. We were both there at the Tribunal. The two things that mattered the most to the major were the Transformed and the boys. What should we do about the midshipman captain?”
“Nothing at all, until he graduates. Let him enjoy being the top of the class and all that, thinking he is heading for greatness. Then, for his first commission, he gets the worst crap assignment you can think of. Be creative. I want him to know that he has incurred my displeasure. If it happens to be the 2nd engineering officer on the oldest ship in service sent to where it is very cold, that would be ideal.”

“The Congressman will squeal.”

“Let him. If he wants a fight, I will hand him to dad and explain why.”

Chapter 8.

House Qinvaris

Khiiral put the stack of reports on the table, took the three crystals down from the shelf and activated them. Tassarion said, “Hello Khiiral. You have been absent for some time.”
“We had the harvest and another war in Vestia. Let me get the reports for you to scan.”

“Thank you for remembering us, Khiiral,” Lyrei said.

“Nightstream brought up the fact that with Alinis returned to college, you all were probably pretty neglected and that keeping you up to date on things is a good idea.”

Khiiral started to scan the reports and when he was done, he asked, “Are there any questions?”
“Do you know Sarya Dawkins?” Lyrei asked. “The story sounds like a fable.”
  “I do not, and it does. I was working on the harvest, so I wasn’t down there in Vestia.”
“Gander beating a tourney champion sounds rather remarkable,” Tassarion said.

“A high guard with Prince Zaos made a crystal and the idiot never had a chance. Let me show it to you. The crystal has been very popular.” Khiiral ran the crystal and there were smiles on all three seemings’ faces.

Tassarion said, “He was very good, but that would be expected of a full Justiciar.”
“Most folk seem to think that they are buffoons.”

“That would be a good cover.”

Richard looked at Nightstream and said, “No crisis today?”

“Not as of yet, milord.”

“Since the harvest is closed up, my children in college and not able to start a disaster, why don’t I go to the library and pull something to read, unless you know of something that I should see.”
“I don’t have a lot of practice reading.”

“We will have to change that, if our enemies would let us breathe for a moon or two. I asked Tarranth to buy something trashy for me at the book faire, so let us see what he found.”

Richard looked on the shelves, picked out a Paeris book and returned to his office.

Rosa peeked in, turned to the three royal children and said, “We better leave my husband alone. He’s reading a trashy Paeris novel. Let’s see what is in the old playroom. I don’t think that Tarranth and Alinis cleared everything out. Richard noticed them leaving and continued to read.

Treehollow Faerie Kingdom.

Larranth looked at the row of various children and laughed. “Princess, this is more than you and Tad. Where did the others come from?”
“They have have taking various training with Tad and me. They are my cousins and some royals from the Mortal Kingdoms as well as some boys and girls from the Justiciars.”
“Shall we begin. Clothes going forward will be inconvenient. So disrobe.”

All of the children took their clothes off and stood shivering in the chilly air. Larranth said, “Transformation is using a glamor and flowing yourself into the glamor. You have all been tested, so let me see your glamor and we will create your trueform, a shape that reflects the real you.”

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