The Trials of Slaves, Chapter 1-2

Here we go again. Richard gets a statue and Rolin discovers that Jomney has been sold, to his wife.

The Trials Of Slaves

Chapter 1.


“This is wonderful!” Rosa turned to Queen Cotina and added, “Don’t listen to Richard grousing.”

Cotina laughed and said, “I will not. A heroic statue was the only thing that we could do that he would accept.”

“With Maethanar, Gander and the others framed by landdragons. Has Restia succeed in catching Jaonos yet?”
“We haven’t seen any signs, but she is frequently gone and we see packages from the Lower City, so things are going forward. If they wait a couple of years, that will make me happy as we have the announcements today. Why is the Imperial princess with Tad and a tray?”

“Immianthe and Tad were going after my grandfather for transformation training doing what they are doing now at the harvest party and I think that Tad’s future brother in law drafted them again. Of course that is an excuse to be here at the party. Shall we join the happy couples? You have some winners.”

“Yes I do. My son and daughter broke some rules and we did just fine.”

Chapter 2.

House Ravathrya.

Rolin stormed into Tinesi’s office and said, “How come you didn’t tell me that you were selling Jomney?!”

Tinesi looked at him and said, “Why are you concerned about a single slave?”
“Because things down the Refuge will fall apart if I have to rely on Ilbyren with Paeris gone.”

“I wouldn’t be concerned.”
“Why not?”
“Jomney is going to take over the development program for the Empty Lands as part of his sale. That was part of the negotiations. He is also purchasing the Camp and some other properties. So we will have some money coming in and Jomney working as well.”

“How did you arrange that?”

“Jomney’s mother and father were perfectly willing to trade expertise and Jomney is tied to the grove there at the Camp, which is why he did not leave some time ago. Since he can afford it, Fireflower wanted the Darkmage’s old fortress and was willing to make some deals. Of course Jomney is still busy in Vestia and will be for some time.”

“Are we getting revenue from that?”
Tinesi smiled. “Neuleth made sure of that. Not only a commission for Jomney’s time, but we are selling hardwood and clearing out canvas and other things at an amazing rate. So yes, the House is doing well from the arrangement.”

Rolin smiled. “With the navy taking over the arsenal, I imagine that Ilbyren can’t really do that much damage.”

“I expect not. We are also having Jomney’s father reconstruct the tavern.”

“First of all, Jomney’s father is paying for the reconstruction, since he wants a structure to show in the Cloud City and second, the tavern was getting busy and crowded.”

“Jomney’s father is paying for the work?”
“He is looking for an Imperial commission for the university and perhaps work in the future and he wants something to show off his work to those who haven’t seen it. From what I have heard, it may be that he wants to show off what he does when he is not asked for something rather crazy.”

“That sounds strange.”

“I had the story from Anemone, who said that Jomney’s father had a commission from Nylathria Orizana, who was making a statement in Chatsrey. The establishment is much like Lymseia Reymyar’s, only larger and more infamous. Ever since, when somebody wants to make a statement, they call on Jomney’s father to create it and he does.”

“He sounds like an interesting character. I think that Erlan and I should be more proactive on this.”

“Jomney sent a message to watch out for his father. He’s still tied up with the new city and said that he hopes he can keep his father there for a while.”

Rolin started to laugh. “It sounds as if Jomney is a bit panicked.”

Lielatha looked at the pictures in the book she had received and for the first time in a very long time, felt a bit of joy. Apparently the show in Chatsrey had been a huge success, with most of the little girls and not so young girls wanting to see the doll house and the rest. The book was a companion to the exhibit and was also selling well. One of Rolin’s friends peeked in and she smiled. “I don’t bite, little girl.”

“I’m sorry, milady. This is the wrong room.”

“Where is the right room, then?”

“The next one, I think. We have a dance class.”

The girl disappeared and Lielatha followed her out and to the ballroom where the House Dancemaster, Ayluin Sylsalor had a gaggle of girls, all prettily dressed with some unhappy, but willing, boys. She quietly slipped in and stayed to watch, sketchbook and pencils in hand.

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